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Jurgen Klopp believes that the football fans attending the match will show respect for Queen's death in the same way that they did when the news that Cristiano Ronaldo's son passed away was announced

Jurgen Klopp is confident that fans will respect the tributes to the Queen, as the club announced plans to commemorate her passing ahead of Tuesday night’s Champions League match against Ajax.

The United Kingdom is in mourning following the death of Queen Elizabeth last week at the age of 96.

Jürgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool, has remarked that he wants his team’s fans to show “proper respect” during a minute of quiet before the Champions League match against Barcelona. Ajax will play at Anfield on Tuesday in honour of Queen Elizabeth II.

Liverpool fans booed the national anthem, which was original ‘God Save the Queen,’ before the FA Cup final in May and the Community Shield in July, owing to what is seen to be persistent resistance to the establishment.

Since the Queen died on Thursday at the age of 96, there have been moments of silence before sporting fixtures and events across the country, and UEFA granted Liverpool’s request to hold one before the game against Ajax on Monday.

It will be Liverpool’s first game since the Queen’s passing after the club’s home fixture against Wolverhampton Wanderers was cancelled as a gesture of respect.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp celebrates after Liverpool defeated Newcastle United in the English Premier League soccer match at Anfield stadium in Liverpool

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said it would be “the right thing to do” to pay tribute, and he spoke about how his fans fared during a Premier League game against fierce rivals Manchester United in April 2022, which happened a day after the death of one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s new-born twins.

Fans from both sides expressed their support for Ronaldo, with Liverpool fans playing a brief rendition of their club hymn, “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” amid applause at Anfield.

“I don’t think our people need any advice from me for showing respect,”

Klopp stated,

“There are several examples of people displaying the appropriate level of respect.”

“One, surprise, and I was extremely proud of it, was when we played Manchester United following a really terrible event in Cristiano Ronaldo’s family.” That is what I anticipate. It seems obvious to me that this is what we must do.”


Liverpool fans booed the national anthem in the 1980s and during the Conservative Party-led government’s tenure, which some call the city’s “controlled decline.”

The government’s inability to respond to the Hillsborough stadium catastrophe intensified these emotions, and many left-leaning people continue to feel abandoned by the state.

The national anthem and the presentation of Prince William, the Queen’s grandson, ahead of the FA Cup final against Chelsea made Liverpool fans laugh.

Klopp was asked how he felt when he got to know the Queen had died.

“I’m 55 years old and she’s the only queen I ever knew,”

the coach said.

“As far as I know — and I don’t know her — from what we’ve seen of her, she was a really warm, pleasant, and well-liked person. That is all I require.”

“Because of my personal experience — and it’s not what I believe, it’s what others much closer to her think — I appreciate their pain a lot, which is why I’ll show my respect tomorrow night.”

For the game, Liverpool and Ajax players will wear black armbands, and the flags at Anfield have been lowered to half-staff.

All social media sites’ club crests have been altered to black and white, the colours of Britain’s national mourning period.