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Argentina vs Croatia, Semi-Final Highlights: Goals from Messi and Alvarez helped Argentina to beat Croatia 3-0 to qualify for final of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Read the highlights of Argentina vs Croatia, Semi-Final in detail

Argentina vs Croatia Highlights, Semi-Final - World Cup 2022

Argentina vs Croatia

Argentina vs Croatia Highlights | Semi-Final Highlights | FIFA World Cup 2022

Argentina beat Croatia 3-0 in the FIFA World Cup semifinals to advance to the championship for the 1st time since 2014. A penalty was scored by Lionel Messi, while Julian Alvarez scored two incredible goals.

Messi scored a first-half penalty to become Argentina’s favorite leading scorer in the tournament with 11 goals. Messi was seeking to win the World Cup for the 1st time in his fifth and likely final appearance.

After Messi finished a fantastic play to put up Alvarez for a tap-in, Alvarez raced halfway across the field to increase Argentina’s lead.

It was Messi’s 25th World Cup participation, matching German legend Lothar Matthaus’ record of eight World Cup assists for Argentina. Messi also tied Diego Maradona’s record of 25 World Cup appearances.

The 35-year-old will now captain Argentina against France or Morocco in Sunday’s championship match as they look to win the title for the third time overall and for the first time since the Maradona has inspired campaign in 1986.

A long ball from midfield misled Croatia’s defense, and Alvarez clashed with goalkeeper Dominik Livakovic, igniting the game. Messi then stepped up and drilled a penalty kick into the roof of the net.

The PSG player has five goals, one more than his previous record for a single World Cup campaign, and he is tied with Kylian Mbappe of France for first place in the Golden Boot standings.

It also energized the game, which had been previously stale. Five minutes later, Argentina scored again when they burst from a corner kick by Croatia. Alvarez went on a solo run from within his half, overcoming obstacles and evading players before volleying home from six yards.

It also energized the game, which had been previously stale. Five minutes later, Argentina scored again when they burst from a corner kick by Croatia. Alvarez went on a solo run from within his half, overcoming obstacles and evading players before volleying home from six yards.

Just before halftime at the Lusail Stadium, Alexis Mac Allister’s looping header was expertly palmed away by Livakovic as the South Americans came close to making it three.

Croatia manager Zlatko Dalic sent on forwards to get back into the game. Still, they lacked bite in the final third and struggled to trouble Emiliano Martinez in goal for Argentina.

On the other hand, for Argentina’s third goal, Messi created a stunning display of attacking creativity. When heads together with Josko Gvardiol, he sprinted in from the right side, hesitated, twisted past the tremendous defender to slip into the box, and squared the ball to Alvarez six yards away for a tap-in.

It was a stunning performance from one of the all-time great players, ending the Croatian team resistance that might have remained.

Argentina vs Croatia | Goals | FIFA World Cup 2022

Argentina: Lionel Messi – 34 mins

Argentina: Julian Alvarez – 39 mins

Argentina: Julian Alvarez – 69 mins

Argentina vs Croatia | Stats | World Cup

  • For the sixth time in its history, Argentina has advanced to the World Cup final and has done so in two of the most recent three tournaments. Only Germany (8) has advanced to more finals than Argentina (6) level with Italy and Brazil in 2014.
  • Since the 1966 World Cup, Lionel Messi has appeared in the most World Cup games overall – 13th level with Brazilian Ronaldo.
  • Messi became the first player – since the 1966 – World Cup to score and provide an assist in four different World Cup games when he did so against Serbia in 2006 and against Mexico, the Netherlands, and Croatia this time around – 2022.
  • Julian Alvarez is the only Argentina player to score four goals in a World Cup while still under 22 years, and he did that in 2022.
  • Argentina vs Croatia | Player Ratings | FIFA World Cup 2022


    Martinez – 8
    Molina – 7
    Romero – 7
    Otamendi – 7
    Tagliafico – 7
    De Paul – 7
    Paredes – 7
    Fernandez – 7
    Mac Allister – 7
    Messi – 9
    Alvarez – 9


    Lisandro Martinez – 6
    Palacios – 6
    Dybala – 6
    Foyth – N/A
    Correa – N/A


    Livakovic – 6
    Juranovic – 6
    Lovren – 5
    Gvardiol – 5
    Sosa – 6
    Modric – 7
    Brozovic – 6
    Kovacic – 7
    Pasalic – 6
    Kramaric – 5
    Perisic – 7


    Orsic – 6
    Vlasic – 6
    Petkovic – 6
    Livaja – 6
    Majer – 6

    Messi’s incredible performance

    Messi was outstanding during the game. In the 34th minute, on a penalty, he scored the team’s opening goal. Then, in the 39th minute, Julian Alvarez came after him. Then, in the 69th minute, Messi accomplished wonders by outrunning numerous Croatian players to reach the goalpost.

    He struck the ball in Alvarez’s direction because he could not find a place to score. Alvarez scored the third goal for the group, his second overall. Messi’s excellent assist will make this goal one that people will never forget.

    Argentina vs Croatia | Match Report | Semi-Final Highlights | FIFA World Cup 2022

  • 33’ Penalty to Argentina – The Croatian defense suddenly collapses! Alvarez and Livakovic our heads together, and Alvarez chips the ball past the goalkeeper before getting slammed. The shot went off the line by Lovren, but there is a penalty.
  • 34’ Messi Scores – Argentina 1-0 – Against Livakovic, a penalty master, Messi is flawless! His penalty kick thrashes into the goalpost. With 11 goals overall, he now holds the chronology for most goals scored at a World Cup for Argentina.
  • 39’ Goal – Alvarez puts Argentina 2-0. Alvarez makes a stunning run from within the half, overcoming obstacles and evading defenders before volleying home from six yards as Argentina break from a Croatia corner!
  • 69 Goal – Argentina 3-0. Fantastic play from Messi, who bursts into the box from the right wing, pauses, twists past Gvardiol, and then squares the ball to Alvarez for a tap-in. Excellent goal!
  • Lionel Messi: Messi stands a good chance of winning the match

    As soon as he enters the championship game, Lionel Messi, the captain of Argentina, will establish a global record. He will surpass other players to accumulate the most FIFA World Cup games played. He will play in his 26th FIFA World Cup game in the championship game.

    Lionel Messi: Messi stands a good chance of winning the match

    Following the game, Messi said: “This is entertaining me. I feel fantastic and powerful enough to take on any contest. The last match required a significant sacrifice.

    “Although we struggled today, we mustered the fortitude to secure the victory. We did a great job playing and opted to play this style as we expected they wouldn’t have the ball. We are likely to flee. We did an excellent job of preparing.

    “I’m having a great time at the World Cup. I can assist the squad.”

    “We had gone six matches without losing, so the first game, the loss to Saudi Arabia, was a big blow. We didn’t anticipate losing to Saudi Arabia after a World Cup start like that.

    “Our entire team was put to the test, but we showed how resilient we are. We prevailed in the previous games, but what we did was extremely difficult. Every game was a final, and we knew that things would get tricky if we lost.

    “The final on Sunday will be one of the five finals we’ve won. Due to little things, we lost the first game, but it made us stronger.”

    Catch The Highlights | Argentina vs Croatia, Semi-Finals

    Other Highlights | FIFA World Cup 2022

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