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Everywhere in the world, sports are a highly celebrated activity. Especially Cricket is the most loved sport. Many best cricketers in the world are accelerating their skills year by year.

Since society is largely male-driven, sports are run mainly by men, and women must navigate this system to succeed, as in Cricket.

The most popular and watched sport in India is Cricket, yet no one cares about women’s Cricket; we only know about men’s Cricket. However, women aren’t far behind males in modern Cricket, and some are even better.

In this sport, women have displayed extraordinary performance. The much-anticipated Women’s Cricket will delight sports enthusiasts every year, drawing hundreds of thousands of spectators. Check out the Top 10 Best Women Cricketers in the World below.

The 10 best women cricketers in the world

Ellyse Perry

best women cricketers in the world- Ellyse Perry

Ellyse Perry is an Australian cricketer and the most beautiful women cricketer in the world. Not only have her outstanding cricket performances generated international headlines, but the world has also praised her footballing accomplishments. She has represented Australia in these well-known sports competitions on the international scene and became the best women cricketer in the world.

At the age of 16, she made her international debut in both Cricket and football. By 2014, she had shifted her focus entirely to professional Cricket. She serves as the team’s batting all-rounder, and her track record speaks for itself. She played in 126 WT20I matches, totaling 1253 runs and 115 wickets. Additionally, she amassed 3369 runs from 128 WODI games and 161 wickets. Ellyse Perry, the top female cricket player in the world right now, is undoubtedly one of the sport’s greatest athletes. Her 150 wickets in WODI and Test top score of 213* are both distinctive marks.

Jhulan Goswami

best women cricketers in the world- Jhulan Goswami

Jhulan Goswami, a former captain of the Indian women’s international cricket team, is one of the quickest female bowlers in the sport’s history and one of the best players in recent memory. In addition to being ranked as the best women’s cricketer in the world in 2016 according to the ICC Women’s ODI bowling rankings, she was crowned the ICC Women’s Player of the Year in 2011. Jhulan Goswami, who played in 201 WODI matches and is known as India’s greatest fast bowler, is credited with scoring 252 wickets and 1228 runs. In addition, she has a personal best of 6/31 in an innings and leads all women’s ODI players in wickets taken. India’s Jhulan Goswami is, without a doubt, the world’s top female cricketer.

Katherine Helen Brunt

best women cricketers in the world- Katherine Helen Brunt

Katherine Brunt, the best women’s Cricketer in the world, is well-known for being the best fast bowler in women’s Cricket in England. All cricket fans across the globe were captivated by her match sense, delivery control, and aggressive bowling style. She has accomplished several noteworthy things throughout her career, including twice being awarded England’s women’s Cricketer of the year in 2006 and 2010, respectively. In 14 WTEST games, 140 WODI games, and 96 WT20I games, she has taken 51 wickets, 167 wickets, and 98 wickets, respectively. One of Katherine’s most significant contributions to her squad during the 2009 World Cup was her first fifty.

Sarah Jane Taylor

best women cricketers in the world- Sarah Jane Taylor

One of the most remarkable women’s cricket players is the former English cricketer Sarah Jane Taylor. The most beautiful women cricketer in the world started her international career in 2006 and dominated the industry until her retirement in 2019. Taylor played the dual position of wicketkeeper and batswoman for the team and excelled in both. As a wicketkeeper, she has made 138 dismissals in 126 WODIs and 74 in 90 WT20I games. And in WT20I and WODI matches, she scored 2177 and 4056 runs, respectively, with her outstanding batting. She currently has one of the highest salaries among female cricket players & Became the best women cricketer in the world through her performance.

Lisa Caprini Sthalekar

best women cricketers in the world- Lisa Caprini Sthalekar

The former cricketer and captain of Australia’s international women’s cricket is New South Wales-born cricket commentator. She participated in the New South Wales women’s cricket team. When the ranking system was originally introduced, right-handed off-spinner and all-rounder Karen Dalton was thought to be cricket’s finest all-rounder.

It is the first time in ODI history that a woman has amassed 1,000 runs and 100 wickets & listed as the best women cricketer in the world. After Australia won the 2013 Women’s Cricket World Cup, she announced her retirement from international cricket, but she is still recognized as one of Australia’s top female cricketers.

Mithali Raj

best women cricketers in the world- Mithali Raj

One of Cricket’s greatest-ever batswomen & the best women cricketers of Indian players is Mithila Raj. She plays the crucial function of securing runs as a top-order batter for the Indian national women’s cricket team, which she does with style. In her international career, which lasted from 1999 to 2022, Mithila Raj amassed the most runs ever scored in WODI (7805), coupled with the most runs ever scored in WT20I (2364). Her highest individual score in a game is 214 in Test, 125 in WODI, and 97 in TW20I. Thus, Mithila Raj is among the best players, captains, and batswomen in both Indian and international women’s Cricket.

Stafanie Taylor

best women cricketers in the world- Stafanie Taylor

Stafanie Roxann Taylor of the West Indies is another all-arounder ranked internationally. She bats with her right hand while bowling with a right-arm off-break. She made significant contributions to the squad as a player and captain, and in 2011 she was named the ICC Women’s Cricketer of the Year. Her WODI statistics include 152 wickets in just 145 matches, 5298 runs, and a high score of 171. In 111 games, she scored 3121 runs and claimed 98 wickets in WT20I. She is regarded as one of women’s Cricket’s greatest all-rounders ever and the best women cricketer in the world.

Meg Lanning

best women cricketers in the world- Meg Lanning

The top-order batswoman for the Australian women’s cricket team is Meg Lanning. She started playing Cricket internationally in 2010, and with the Australian women’s cricket team, she quickly added several illustrious championships to her resume. She has won four ICC Women’s World T20 championships and two Women’s Cricket World Cups.

In addition to scoring 3007 runs with a personal best of 133 not out in 115 WT20I matches. Meg Lanning has scored 4463 runs overall with a personal best of 152 not out in 100 WODI matches. Meg Lanning has unquestionably listed the most runs in women’s Cricket as the best women cricketer in the world.

Shashikala Siriwardene

best women cricketers in the world- Shashikala Sriwardene

Shasihikala Siriwardene, a cricket player for Sri Lanka. She began her international career in 2003 and continued performing until 2020. During that time, she set numerous records, accomplished important milestones, and was listed as the best women cricketer in the world. She also served as captain of her country’s Cricket World Cup teams.

The record-breaking performance in Sri Lankan women’s cricket belongs to Siriwardene, who amassed more than 100 wickets and scored more than 1000 runs in WODI. In her ODI career, Siriwardene has amassed 2029 runs and 124 wickets; in her WT20I career, she has amassed 1097 runs and 77 wickets.

Sana Mir

best women cricketers in the world- Sana Mir

Sana Mir of Pakistan is the best women cricketer in the world and has played for her country in international Cricket since 2005. Her primary responsibility on the team has been bowling and taking wickets with skill. She ranks among the most effective bowlers in the World Cup’s history of women’s Cricket. Sana Mir was the first female Cricketer from Pakistan to record 100 wickets in WT20I matches, and she also held the top spot on the ICC ODI bowler list for 2018. Her contribution to Pakistan’s women’s cricket team’s two Asian Games gold medal victories in 2010 and 2014 is another of her most significant accomplishments. In addition, she has competed in WODI. She has amassed 151 wickets and 1630 runs in her WODI career.

Top Most Beautiful Women Cricketer in The World

Women’s Cricket has expanded dramatically in recent years. Many female cricket players have recently attracted recognition for their outstanding on-field achievements. By giving exceptional performances in all three game areas like batting, bowling, and fielding—women have kept cricket fans glued to the television screens. Below are profiles of the world’s most beautiful women cricketers:

Holly Ferling

Beautiful Women Cricketer in The World- Holly Ferling

The Australian right-arm fast bowler Holly Ferling made the Australia National Women’s Cricket team. The 25-year-old put up performance after performance. She was the most beautiful women cricketer in the world, but, Unfortunately, Ferling could only compete at the highest level of Cricket for three years. Nevertheless, the seamer played 22 ODIs for Australia, taking 24 wickets.

Kathryn Cross

Beautiful Women Cricketer in The World- Kathryn Cross

Kathryn Cross is one of the English athletes who appear on this list. The right-arm seamer was one of the 1st female cricketers accepted into Lancashire Academy. Cross has led her squad to many significant victories during the nearly ten years of her cricket career. Kathryn is well known for her winning attitude and for cheering on CSK in the IPL as she is the most beautiful women cricketer in the world.

Kainat Imtiaz

Beautiful Women Cricketer in The World- Kainat Imtiaz

A stunning and most beautiful women cricketer in the world, the Pakistani bowler, named Kainat Imtiaz. Additionally, Imtiaz serves as the Saif Saga Sports Club’s vice-captain. The 29-year-old can contribute with the willow in the lower-middle order and is influenced heavily by Jhulan Goswami of India. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to claim that Kainat has a sizable fan base in Pakistan and other parts of the world.

Smriti Mandhana

Beautiful Women Cricketer in The World- Smriti Mandhana

Smriti Mandhana is considered the most beautiful women cricketer in the world. The batter is regarded as one of the most incredible Indian women’s cricketers and has won numerous awards. Smriti is a popular favorite known as India’s “national crush.”

Sune Luus

Beautiful Women Cricketer in The World- Sune Luus

Sune Luus, a South African leg-spinner, has a good fan base because of her lovely demeanor. One of the best female spinners in the world is Luus. However, with her fantastic spin bowling, she has a reputation for giving the opposition players nightmares.


We live in a dynamic world, and every sector has to update itself with the changing needs, and the sector which fails to do so struggles for an identity.

For example, Cricket has to change according to the increased participation of women in public life. Alternatively, it would disappear in the absence of flexibility. It’s a long road to be traveled, and it can be possible by putting in collective efforts. Hopefully, these best women cricketers in the world drive the fans like men’s Cricket.