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37-year-old joins on two- and a half–year deal after leaving Manchester United. Cristiano Ronaldo joins Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr for record-breaking salary.

The 37-year-old left Manchester United last month and signed a two-and-a-half-year contract with the club. It came after an explosive televised interview in which the forward expressed his disdain for the team and their Dutch manager Erik ten Hag, claiming to feel deceived by the organization.

According to a statement on the Al-Nassr Instagram account, this is more than history in the making. In addition to inspiring our team to even greater success, this signing will also motivate our league, our country & the next generation of boys and girls to strive to be the best versions of themselves.

Before completing the necessary formalities and being introduced to supporters in the club’s yellow and blue colors in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh in the upcoming days, Cristiano Ronaldo has scheduled to have a medical at Mrsool Park, the modern home of Al-Nassr.

“I’m excited to play in a new football league in a foreign nation. The vision of Al-Nassr Club is motivating, “Ronaldo has been cited as saying by the Saudi club. The deal would probably be a huge boost for Middle Eastern football, but it will also strengthen the argument that Saudi Arabia is “sportswashing” to improve its reputation abroad.

He scored his 118th goal for his country during Portugal’s opening group match against Ghana at the World Cup in Qatar before being benched for the knockout rounds, when the squad lost 1-0 to Morocco and advanced to the quarterfinals.

How Much Does Cristiano Ronaldo Earn Per Year at Al-Nassr?

Without a doubt, Cristiano Ronaldo will become the richest football player in the world to his contract with Al-Nassr. After mutually agreeing to leave Manchester United, he joined a Saudi football team and hopes to add more records to his resume. He already set one record when he signed the most lucrative football contract in 2023, worth £450 million.

Every time Ronaldo signs a contract with a club, a clause includes additional payments for goals scored, participation in a victory, and hat tricks.

How Much Does Cristiano Ronaldo Earn Per Week after Leaving Man Utd?

The Portuguese winger forward’s wage terms changed when he signed a two-year contract, and if his rumored salaries are accurate, he would now make £3.65 million each week. Numerous media sites have recently published varying estimates; some claimed £100 million a year, while others claimed £75 million annually.

Once he landed in Saudi Arabia for the first game, more information about Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract deal, pay, and bonus terms with Al-Nassr were updated.

There are rumors of Cristiano Ronaldo joining the Saudi Arabia league during the world cup session in 2022, but these data have not been confirmed. However,

Cristiano Ronaldo’s two-year contract with the Saudi Arabia League team Al Nassar was finalized shortly before the new year, and it would expire in 2025. Al Nassar and Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract was made public.

Years Base Salary Weekly Wage Bonuses Club
2023-24 £174m £3.65m £15m Al-Nassr
2024-25 £174m £3.65m £15m Al-Nassr
2025 (half year) (extension) Al-Nassr
Total Contract Worth £450m Including bonuses - - -

The player had been considering it in recent weeks, but ultimately decided to commit to the Saudi project for two seasons and half of the remaining ones, at a rate of 200 million euros for each of them, as we reported in MARCA.

To complete the arrangements that will enable him to join his new squad on January 1, the player will now journey to Riyadh with club personnel.

The Saudi adventure of Cristiano Ronaldo is about to start.

Cristiano Ronaldo Signs with Saudi Arabian Club Al Nassr