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Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer News: CR7 set to complete Al-Nassar’s move before the end of 2022 the Manchester United exit round by mutual consent in November.

Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer News - Ronaldo joined Al NASSR

Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer News

Cristiano Ronaldo left Manchester United by mutual consent in November, and he is almost done moving to the Saudi Arabian club Al-Nassr. Other stories include Gabriel Martinelli’s impending contract extension, making him one of Arsenal’s highest-paid players.

The Portuguese squad will try to decide Ronaldo’s club’s future after their failure at the World Cup. After leaving Manchester United, Ronaldo spent some time last week working out with his old team, Real Madrid.

The 37-year-old five-time Ballon d’Or winner is at a loss for European choices, and Saudi Arabia is calling.

Al Nassar is expecting Cristiano Ronaldo to sign this year?

Even though Cristiano Ronaldo is currently without a club, the Spanish publication Marca has learned that Al Nassr anticipates him to sign this year.

As a result of the 37-year-salacious old’s interview with Piers Morgan earlier this month, his contract with Manchester United was terminated.

Ronaldo was linked to the Saudi Arabian club before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, but he remained focused on the event and declined to comment.

Now is the time for Ronaldo to seal the deal in Dubai!

Ronaldo’s team disputed reports that the attacker would sign a contract with Saudi Arabian club Al-Nassr on January 1.

Naturally, Ronaldo’s attention was on Portugal and the World Cup, and his management quickly dispelled Marca’s repeated assertions that a deal was close.

Now, though, Marca reports that Ronaldo is waiting in Dubai, where the transfer will likely occur. According to reports, Ronaldo will remain with the Saudi Arabian club through at least 2025 if he signs a long-term contract.

Ronaldo Going to a Brandnew Club

According to the Spanish media site Marca, Cristiano Ronaldo is getting closer to joining a new team. Currently in Dubai, the Portuguese international is “ready to fly” to Saudi Arabia to sign with Al-Nassr. The Middle Eastern club has submitted a contract for two and a half years with a staggering wage and advertising package at €200 million every season.

As long as Ronaldo signs the contracts, according to Marca, the deal will be finalized by the end of 2022. As part of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious plan to host the 2030 World Cup, Al-Nassr hopes to convince the five-time Ballon d’Or winner to join.

The Ronaldo transfer story is nearing a conclusion. It was never going to be feasible that a team in Europe would take a chance on him due to his enormous salary demands. Sporting Lisbon would have made for a wonderful homecoming, but they couldn’t possibly compete financially with Al-Nassr. After his nasty talk with Piers Morgan about Manchester United, the elite clubs likely had little desire to get close to him.

Ronaldo might call it quits, but declining such a huge last salary would be difficult. It will be intriguing to observe how he performs there and how much it influences how popular the Saudi Pro League becomes worldwide.

Ronaldo Transfer News | Huge Money Offer

The contract is for two and a half seasons, with a payment of almost 200 million euros in salary and sponsorship deals per season.
With the goal of hosting the 2030 World Cup in the near future, the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia is seen as a move that will establish the nation as a major force in world football.

The big initiative they’ve started entails them being more well-known in the world of sports, as they currently are in football with the Spanish Super Cup, followed by Formula 1, golf, and top-tier horse racing.

Cristiano is using the holiday to take a few days off and travel to Dubai. The Portuguese are having a difficult time recovering from the World Cup, especially in light of Argentina’s victory and the success of his fierce rival Lionel Messi.

The 2026 World Cup is mentioned as a potential goal in messages from his entourage, although he has never stated that he is considering abandoning the national squad.

It is evident that European football, or at least the teams he would like to play for, has abandoned him. This is supported by his experiences at Juventus and Manchester United. He has the difficult task of elevating Saudi Arabia to the top of world soccer ahead of him.

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