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Know more about female football referees, the top female soccer referees, how female players are inspiring with their winnings & the hottest referees in detail.

A female football referee in the center of the football pitch still surprises some people. But in this football, women advance and thrive every day. So we want to introduce you to the world’s top female football referees.

Discrimination against women runs deep throughout society. Therefore, football follows this guideline as well. It is far more difficult for female soccer referees to advance and achieve fame in the patriarchal football world.

Female football referee has a long history that spans back several decades. Despite its ups and downs, women’s football has maintained healthy public support. This is true even though women’s game fans significantly differ from men’s game spectators. But the truth is that we now have the best female football referees right in the middle of these challenges.

Most Excellent Female Football referees Around The World

01) Stéphanie Frappart

Stéphanie Frappart is undoubtedly a well-known first female football referee in the history of the Champions League and is on our list of the top female football officials. When the European Football Association revealed that the match between Juventus and Dynamo Kyiv on December 2, 2020, on the second night of the fifth week of the Champions’ League group stage, would be officiated by a woman, it came as a massive shock to the entire world. A pleasant surprise that signaled happier days.

Additionally, she was listed on FIFA’s roster of officials for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France. After achieving professional success, she was officially announced as the first female referee in Ligue 1 in April 2019.

02) Bibiana Steinhaus

With her talent as a real referee football, she was promoted by the DFB to officiate in the top-tier Bundesliga one week after the UEFA final match, becoming the first female football referee in the league’s history.

DFB chose her as the female football referee of the year for 2018. As was previously noted, Bibiana is a female referee in men’s football, but her job is by no means simple. She endured multiple instances of maltreatment and contentious events.

03) Rita Gani

Malaysian association football referee officiated in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada. Rita and Widiya Shamsuri, both former members of the Royal Malaysian Police, are outstanding referees who made history by competing in the World Cup.

Rita thought her successes resulted from encouragement and support from numerous people. I must appreciate the Kuala Lumpur Football Association (KLFA), the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), and the Police for their support and for giving me a chance to officiate both locally and abroad, she had stated.

04) Sian Massey-Ellis

She typically serves as an assistant referee football League and the Premier League. She is regarded as an experienced referee after serving as a professional assistant for numerous years in the Football League Trophy, UEFA Women’s Champions League, FIFA Women’s World Cup knockout stages, FIFA Women’s World Cup, and UEFA Europa League. Her route, however, was a challenging one.

Massey-Ellis, a Member of the Order of the British Empire, had experienced a difficult period in her career. The narrative started on January 22, 2011, during a Wolverhampton Wanderers and Liverpool match.

05) Amy Fearn

The first woman to officiate in The Football League is the next name on our list of the top female soccer referees in history. When she was young, she wanted to play football with her brother and was ambitious to play professional football. However, there just needed to be more facilities for females who wanted to play football. So she chose to go after her father after an unwelcome failure since he wanted to become a referee—a short route into the world of football.

She was added to the list of FIFA assistants in 2005, and five years later, on February 9, 2010, she became the first woman to fully take charge of a Football League match as the match referee. She officiated the first game in the Main Draw of the FA Cup in 2013 as a female referee.

Female Hottest Referees in Football World

We frequently comment while watching football games on the decisions made by the male referees. But it’s always encouraging to see women filling this position on the field. Let’s look at the top 5 hottest referee females.

Karolina Bojar-Stefanska

Since Karolina has always liked football, the hottest referee decided to pursue a career as a referee. My granddad instilled my enthusiasm for the game. She was a referee herself, so I didn’t just watch matches from the standpoint of an ordinary fan but also from the referee’s perspective.

Denise Bueno

After presiding over a Brazilian amateur match between Desire and Spotting in Sao Paulo, Denise gained thousands of fans as a hot referee.

She dazzles with her attractiveness in real life and online, publishing many sensual pictures.

Ekaterina Kostyunina

Wonderful appearance Russia is where Ekaterina was born and nurtured. She is a hot referee, and officiates several football games around her nation.

On social media, the 26-year-old is also highly active. She enjoys sharing various modeling, travel, and food-related Instagram posts.

Elena Tambini

Elena is attractive, a hot referee, adorable, and very intelligent. She used to work as a full-time match official in Italy’s lower leagues while also modeling part-time.

She works as an Italian football television presenter. Her book “Amore e Fuorigioco,” inspired by her lifelong love of football and her work as a referee, is one of the most inspiring things about her.

Fernanda Colombo Uliana

The Brazilian hottest referee was endowed with charm, intelligence, and unrivaled beauty. She also works as a sports journalist, presenter, and pundit.

In 2014’s Copa do Brasil, Fernanda rose to fame as a referee. She participated in the 2018 World Cup in Russia as a legitimate FIFA judge.


Overall, these referees are tiling the way for more young girls to get into refereeing and are frequently breaking records and taking female football refereeing to new heights that hadn’t been seen before.

Over the next few years, we will see more and more women officiating at the top level of the game across all nations and competitions.

Overall, these female soccer referees are opening doors for more young girls to pursue officiating, breaking records along the way, and elevating female refereeing to previously unheard-of heights.

We should see an increase in female officials at the highest levels of the game across all nations and competitions throughout the coming years.