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Haryana Steelers vs Bengaluru Bulls Highlights: Haryana Snatched Victory from table-toppers In Last minute thriller by 2 Points in PKL 2022. In the 53rd game, played at Shree Shivchatrapati Sports Complex, Bengaluru Bulls were defeated 29-27 by Haryana Steelers.

Haryana Steelers vs Bengaluru Bulls Highlights

Haryana Steelers vs Bengaluru Bulls Highlights

Haryana Steelers vs Bengaluru Bulls Highlights | PKL 2022

In the 53rd game of the ninth VIVO Pro Kabaddi League season, played on Tuesday at Shree Shivchatrapati Sports Complex, Balewadi, Haryana Steelers defeated Bengaluru Bulls 29-27.

The Bulls are in first place despite suffering their third defeat of the year. The Bulls’ tenth game was this one.

Six of their encounters have ended in victories, with one ending in a tie. On the other side, the Steelers were playing in their ninth game.

He has a winning streak of four and a losing streak of four. Haryana has climbed to the fifth spot with their victory.

Meetu and Haryana’s defense Won

His defense (12 points) and Meetu Sharma (9) ‘s outstanding play were crucial to Haryana’s triumph. Amir Hussain Bastami gave High-5.

Bharat Hooda scored a Super-10 for the Bulls, but the defense and Vikas Kandola (1) fell short. In the game’s 1st five minutes, the Steelers enjoyed a 6-3 lead.

Aman caught Meetu, giving the Bulls a third breakthrough, but Vikas’ points on the Do or Die Raid raised the margin to 7-4.

Mahender and Meetu caught Meetu and Neeraj on the Do or Die Raid, earning points for their respective teams.

With a score of 10-7, the Bulls’ super tackle began. In the meantime, Sachin scored a goal for the Bulls during a crucial raid.

Then, on Do or Die Red, Sourav pursued Meetu. On the subsequent raid, Jaideep gave Vikas a catch score difference of 2; on the do-or-die raid, Rakesh scored two points to bring the score to 13-9.

Haryana Steelers Was Ahead By Only 3 Points Till Halftime

The Steelers led by three points at the half. The bulls received 5-5 points in both the raid and defense categories, compared to 6-6 points for the Steelers.

Additionally, the Steelers received a point. Before the interval, the Bulls had a great tackle. After Meetu ejected Narender, all of the Bulls were out. This gave the Steelers a 17-11 advantage.

It took the Bulls three straight points after that to mount a comeback. The Steelers’ first point came from Bharat’s defense in the second half.

Bastami caught Bharat to finish his first high-five. The Steelers led 21-15 with 10 minutes remaining.

Haryana Won By 2 Points In The Last Minute

After the interval, Neeraj fired Bastami to resurrect Vikas. The developer account still needed to be activated.

Neeraj stepped outside to wrestle Meetu. The score disparity now stood at 6. In the meantime, Sachin’s two-point raid increased the score to 18-22.

Bharat returned after a protracted absence and brought with his points. Meetu, meanwhile, accepted the incentive.

Bharat went on the prowl, bringing the score to 20–23. For the Steelers, the Super Tackle was now in play. Steelers made the six-mile mark with a spectacular tackle on Bharat.

There were two Steelers players on the ground. The remaining time was one minute, and the distance was five.

The Bulls then scored one more point. There was still a 5-mile gap. Manjeet, the final player, raised the score to 29–24. Despite dismissing Manjeet, Bharat was still defeated by Haryana by two points.

Scores of Haryana Steelers vs Bengaluru Bulls

Haryana Steelers– 29
Bengaluru Bulls– 27

Despite going all-out in the last raid against Bengaluru Bulls, Haryana Steelers won the game by two points because of their defense.

Bharat gets super tackled and extends the gap as the Haryana Steelers’ defense makes blunders toward the end of the game and may have to suffer the brunt of the damage.

Amir Hussain Mastani has finished his high-five, and both teams’ defenses are scoring in the second half.

Bharat Hooda has only scored four points so far, and the Haryana defense is not letting him run today.

At the start of the second half, Haryana went all-out against Bengaluru Bulls to extend its lead.

By rejoining the game, Haryana again widened their lead. The competition in the first half has focused on defense, and Haryana’s defense has been strong. In the first half, there were a lot of “do and die” reds.

Sourav Nandal successfully tackles Manjeet, while Bharat Hooda cannot do anything particularly noteworthy.

Bengaluru Bulls do not want to go behind, and Haryana has a quick start to this game.
Vikas Kandola has arrived in Bengaluru to conduct the first raid.

Team News | Haryana Steelers vs Bengaluru Bulls

This season, the Haryana Steelers have performed poorly, having played 8 games, of which they have only won 3 and lost 4.

Good players like Naveen, Mohit, Rakesh Narwal, and others are a part of the Joginder Narwal-captained side. However, the team’s performance this season has been dismal.

Bengaluru Bulls have played well; the squad presently leads the points standings and will hold that position even if they lose this game.

The Bengaluru Bulls have won 6 of their 9 games played thus far. As a result, Bengaluru Bulls are in first place with 34 points.

Players | Haryana Steelers vs Bengaluru Bulls

Bangalore Bulls

Mahendra Singh (Captain), Bharat, Aman, Mayur Kadam, GB More, Rajneesh, Rohit Kumar, Saurabh Nandal, Vinod, Yash Hooda, Vikas Kandola, Sudhakar Kadam, Sachin Narwal, Rahul Khatik, Neeraj Narwal, Nageshar Tharu, Lal Mohar Yadav and Harmanjit Singh.

Haryana Steelers

Joginder Narwal (Captain), Vinay, Sunny, Monu, Naveen, Mohit, Meetu, Jaideep, Harsh, Ankit, Sushil, Rakesh Narwal, Nitin Rawal, Mohammad Ismail Maghsoudlu, Manjeet, Manish Gulia, Lovepreet Singh, K Prapanjan and Amirhosain Bastami.

Award Winners | Haryana Steelers vs Bengaluru Bulls

VIVO Man of the Match: Meetu Sharma from Haryana Steelers
Dream 11 Gamechanger of the Match – Amirhossein Bastami from Haryana Steelers
Moment of the Match – Meetu Sharma from Haryana Steelers

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