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Virat Kohli is struggling with an extended lean patch on the field lately.


  • Virat Kohli talked about the importance of focusing on mental health.
  • Kohli featured how stress can influence a sportsperson in the worst way.
  • Kohli said he enjoys travelling and it helps him with loosening up
  • Kohli is persevering through a lengthy lean fix with the bat of late.

Virat Kohli recently opened up about the importance of focusing on mental health, especially for young athletes who deal with constant scrutiny and pressure. “Even in a room filled with people, I felt alone”, Kohli said when asked about the current situation he has been dealing with during his rough patch on the field.

He is one of the top followed players of our period, yet Virat Kohli has dealt with mental health issues earlier and opened up about the same to guide the young generations.

Previous India skipper Virat Kohli has spoken about the significance of zeroing in on mental health, particularly for young athletes who have consistently been scrutinized, pressured, and stressed over performance. Kohli said he had bad experiences with tough spots with regards to emotional well-being, adding he had felt alone, at times, in spite of being in a room loaded with people.

Virat Kohli offered a tip to youthful athletes, saying it’s essential to stay in touch with oneself and spend time to ensure mental health is dealt with.

The former India captain again addressed the point of the significance of focusing on mental health, particularly for young athletes who stay under the spotlight constantly.

“For an athlete, the sport can bring the best out of you as a player but at the same time, the amount of pressure that you are constantly under can affect your mental health negatively. It is definitely a serious issue and as much as we try to be strong at all times, it can tear you apart,”

Kohli told The Indian Express

Virat Kohli, one of the most followed athletes, has been dependent upon consistent scrutiny, particularly in the recent past wherein he has gone through a rough patch in international cricket. Kohli backed out for a while when he quit T20I captaincy and RCB IPL captaincy last year.

The veteran player was removed as ODI captain following which he likewise gave up Test captaincy in an unforeseen manner earlier this year following a series defeat in South Africa.

In any case, Kohli has been vocal about the significance of mental health and breaks for cricketers. He was one of the first athletes to back Glenn Maxwell when the Australian all-rounder took a mental health break at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kohli has frequently revealed insight into how the pandemic has caused problems for athletes as they need to continually manage limitations and bio-bubble conditions.

“My tips to aspiring athletes would be that yes, physical fitness and focus on recovery are the key to being a good athlete, but at the same time, it is crucial to consistently keep in touch with your inner self.”

“I personally have experienced times when even in a room full of people who support and love me, I felt alone, and I am sure that this is a feeling that a lot of people can relate to. So, take out time for yourself and reconnect with your core self. If you lose that connection, it wouldnโ€™t take very long for other things to crumble around you.”

“You need to learn how to compartmentalise your time so that thereโ€™s balance. It takes practice like anything else in life, but itโ€™s something worth investing in, thatโ€™s the only way to feel a sense of sanity and enjoyment while doing your work,”

he added.

'Travel Helps Me De-Stress' - Virat Kohli

However, Kohli said investing energy with his family and travelling has helped him with loosening up after a busy season in the sport. The former captain has taken rest in between the series in the ongoing year and played only 4 T20Is out of India’s 21 by far in the World Cup year.

Kohli is freshening up for the ODIs and T20Is in the West Indies and he mentioned rest for the 3-match ODI series against Zimbabwe, beginning August 18. He will be back in the spirit during the Asia Cup, which starts off in the UAE on August 27.

“The one thing that truly helps me unwind after a hectic season is spending time with my family. Apart from that, I love to spend time pursuing my hobbies. Travel is something that helps me de-stress a lot, and of course coffee; I believe that I am a coffee connoisseur and absolutely love trying out different flavours and coffee spots around the world,”

Kohli said.

Listening to Kohli, share his battles with mental health, fans felt empathetic and supported the former India captain through social media.