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It has been 75 years since India got freedom. The Amrit Mahotsav is being praised. Tricolour is being raised in the Indian houses. After independence, the nation brought banners of achievement up in each field, and cricket isn’t spotless by it as well. Numerous verifiable minutes like 1983, 2007, and 2011 do right by Indians.

Indian cricketers consider it a distinction to play with the tricolour on their chest. But, sometime in the past, two Indian players refused to salute our national flag during the series.
From 1947-48, India needed to make its most memorable unfamiliar visit after freedom. Albeit the Indian group was playing cricket starting around 1932, however this time, the independent Indian cricket crew was not a slave. Lala Amarnath was made the captain for this Australia visit.

The three-Test series was the genuine test of Indian players; this was whenever the Indian team first played on Australian wickets. Battling against a team driven by the incredible batsman Don Bradman was difficult by any stretch of the imagination and not easy at all. India figured out how to win a one-game draw. Australia won the series 2-0.

The visit became notorious for beating Don Bradman and the troublemaking of two players over India’s win-win. As a matter of fact, the third and last test match of the visit was to be held in Melbourne, yet two days before that, Mahatma Gandhi was killed in India. There was alarm among the Indian players in light of the fact that the air in the nation was similarly terrible. The nation battled with Hindu-Muslim mobs.

The environment was additionally warmed by the death of Mahatma Gandhi from above. There was discussion of dropping the visit, yet in the end, it was concluded that the Indian players would play the match wearing a dark belt on their arms and honour Gandhi Ji by showing respect for the tricolour.

As of now, all was great, yet two players of the Indian group were straight rejected. These were Amir Elahi from Baroda and Gul Mohammad from Hyderabad. The two players brought into the world in Lahore were affected by Jinnah and needed to get back to India to take Pakistani citizenship and settle there.

However, at that point, the captain, Lala Amarnath, had educated a great deal regarding the two of them; they couldn’t endure the insult of his tricolour. He said Gul and Elahi could play for the nation in the wake of getting back; however, right now, the two of them address India.

Gul Mohammad & Amir Elahi went to Pakistan

Coming from Baroda and Gul Mohammad of Hyderabad had refused and wouldn’t tie a dark band on the arm and salute the tricolour to pay tribute to the Father of the Nation. It was a humiliating encounter for the whole team in front of the entire world. Just after this visit, both the players had gone to Pakistan and played for the cricket crew there. After resigning from cricket, Mohammad Gul likewise functioned as an umpire for quite a while.

He filled in as a mentor, Amir Elahi’s cricket profession was not exceptionally fruitful, and he could play just 6 Tests. Indeed, even after going to Pakistan, how these two players acted after the murder of the Father of the Nation was still in the minds of individuals even after these many years.

Captain Lala Amarnath Offered A Deal To the Two of Them

Captain Lala Amarnath was on that tour. He had rebuked both these players a ton for this misconduct. Both the players needed to take the citizenship of Pakistan and had plainly said they wouldn’t respect the national flag of India. Both the players were brought from Lahore and settled in Pakistan just after the tour.

In light of this, the captain had expressed that in the wake of getting back to the country, he could play from any place he needed and could take citizenship of whichever country he required. Lala Amarnath can’t affront India for however long he played for India. The two players were vigorously censured on this tour.