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Know more about the Indian cricket players jersey numbers and their hidden stories, how lucky the jersey number is & the significance of that number in detail.

Indian Cricket Players Jersey Numbers

Any athlete or player knows the importance of their jersey number, especially in sports like football, basketball, and cricket. Every cricketer gets to choose their number when discussing the sport.

They have given one if they are okay with the random selection. Generally, a player’s jersey number is more of a personal preference. Here is information about the jersey numbers worn by Indian cricket players.

Cricket is widely viewed as a game of numbers, as is common knowledge. Cricket players’ jersey numbers can define them, have significant value for them, or even be a part of their attachment in various ways.

Cricket players become somewhat picky about their jersey numbers as a result. On that topic, we have compiled the motivations behind the Indian cricketers’ choice of jersey numbers. Some are intriguing, while others are peculiar.

From Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s impressive number 7 to Sachin Tendulkar’s iconic number 10, jersey numbers are not only used to identify a player but also hold significant personal meaning for them.

Some cricket players made their selections based on their own or other people’s birthdays or numerology. Shikhar Dhawan, for instance, chose the number 25 because it is both his lucky number and the day of his son’s birth. Some of the top Indian Cricketer player’s jersey numbers have given below.

List of Indian Cricket Players Jersey Numbers

Jersey Number of Virat Kohli

Let’s start with the Indian cricket team’s former skipper. Since playing for the Under-19 squad, run-machine Virat Kohli, one of the best batsmen in the world, has sported the number 18. The story behind this song is beautiful.

His father, Prem Kohli, took him to the cricket match and had a fantasy that his son would someday play for his country. Sadly, his father passed away when he was 18 (December 18, 2006). Even though his father could not watch his son compete for the Indian national team, he has fond memories of his son, who is currently sweeping the world while wearing the number 18.

Jersey Number of Rohit Sharma

The Hit-Man and the Captain of India have also been included. It has been suggested that Rohit Sharma don the number 9 jersey. Before his mother chose 45 for him when he was representing India U-19 in the 2006 World Cup, he didn’t want a single-digit number. Furthermore, the sum of 4 and 5 is 9. Thus, Rohit happily accepted the figure.

Jersey Number of MS Dhoni

Unsurprisingly, the former India captain will be on the list. In India, MS Dhoni has come to be associated with the jersey number 7.

This number is because Dhoni was born on July 7, so he chose the number. According to another rumor, Mahi chose the number 7 because of admiration for David Beckham, a former Manchester United player who wore it himself. According to some stories, he also believes in astrology.

He saw an astrologer and discovered that the number 7 was a good fit for him. Dhoni owns a ” Seven ” business since he loves the number 7 so much!

Jersey Number of Shikhar Dhawan

The “Gabbar” Shikhar Dhawan, our team’s great batsman, is now here. The fiery left-handed batsman has retained the number 25 because he believes it to be a lucky family number. Another significant justification for Dhawan’s decision to stick with the number is that his daughter’s birthday is on the 25th. The batter Shikhar’s Twitter handle is @SDhawan25.

Jersey Number of Bumrah

In professional cricket, Indian bowler Jasprit Bumrah plays with the number 93. He played in his 100th Indian Premier League game in IPL 2021, and to commemorate the milestone; he donned a unique jersey number 100.

Bumrah has been in great form lately, taking 6 wickets in the opening ODI. His stats of 6/19 in the most recent game were third all-time for India in ODIs. In 71 games, Bumrah has taken 119 ODI wickets for a 4.63 economy.

Jersey Number of Dinesh Karthik

One of the fun number games is this one. He once published an article on Instagram asking cricket fans questions. A curious fan questioned Dinesh Karthik about the significance of wearing 21 behind his back.

In response, the wicket-keeper batsman said that since his wife was born on that date, he wears that number on his limited-overs jersey. The wicket-keeper batsman frequently sings Dipika Pallikal, his wife and one of the best squash players in the world, high praises.

Jersey Number of Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya, a fresh all-around sensation, is assigned the number 33. He formerly wore number 228. However, Pandya quickly changed from number 228 to number 33 behind his jersey.

Pandya’s jersey number was 228 because, on December 9, 2009, he defeated Mumbai by a score of 228 in a Vijay Merchant U-16 tournament game played at the Reliance Cricket Stadium in Nagathane. He was the captain of the Baroda U-16 squad, and his team was in trouble at 23/4 while trying to get a score of 350 or more. In that game, he scored a whopping 228 points and contributed to his team’s triumph. Hardik has opted to wear 228 ever since.

Later, he changed to jersey number 33, and Hardik decided to wear that number solely based on numerology. He is reputed to be a follower of numerology. Therefore, if the digits in the number 33 have been added, the result is 6, and the number 6 has a significant meaning in Indian cricket.

Jersey Number of Ravindra Jadeja

Sir Ravindra Jadeja has played intermittently for the Indian cricket team, but he is still regarded as one of the squad’s key all-rounders. Jadeja’s lucky number is 12, but Yuvraj Singh wore 12 at the time. Thus, he was not granted the same.

However, he continued with the same number, opting for 8. He has chosen it because his birthdate is 6/12/1988, which adds up to 44 (4+4) and 6+12+1+9+8+8 = 8. Jaddu made his ODI debut on February 8, 2009, which is an interesting fact.

Sachin Tendulkar Jersey Number

The “God of Cricket” must be included on this list. The BCCI has reserved Sachin Tendulkar’s jersey number, and he is the only player with this number 10. Sachin began his professional career wearing the number 99 but soon switched to 10.

Early in his career, Tendulkar dealt with a few problems that further interfered with his later games. An astrologer made a different number suggestion during this time. It was 10, and as he began to wear the number, his game underwent a massive transformation. The number also corresponds to his last name, which begins with “Ten.”

“Play for their name on the front of the shirt & they will remember the one on the back,” English football player turned coach Tony Adams stated. The stories and occurrences on and off the field grow in fascination for the spectators, who begin to gather and appreciate them.

Indian Cricket Players Jersey Numbers Table

Some of the Indian players jersey numbers are given below:

Name of Indian Cricket Players Indian Cricket Players Jersey Numbers Active & Retired Players
Sachin Tendulkar 10 Retired
Virat Kohli 18 Active
Rohit Sharma 45 Active
MS Dhoni 7 Retired
KL Rahul 1 Active
Dinesh Karthik 21 Active
Suryakumar Yadav 63 Active
Shreyas Iyer 41 Active
Ishan Kishan 32 Active
Rishabh Pant 17 Active
Ravindra Jadeja 8 Active
Axar Patel 20 Active
Hardik Pandya 33 Active
Shardul Thakur 54 Active
Ravichandran Ashwin 99 Active
Jasprit Bumrah 93 Active
Varun Chakravarthy 29 Active
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 15 Active
Mohammed Shami 11 Active
Deepak Chahar 90 Active
Ajinkya Rahane 27 Active
Cheteshwar Pujara 25 Active
Hanuma Vihari 44 Active
Ishant Sharma 97 Retired
Kedar Jadhav 79 Active
Krunal Pandya 24 Active
Kuldeep Yadav 23 Active
Manish Pandey 21 Active
Mayank Agarwal 16 Active
Mohammed Siraj 13 Active
Navdeep Saini 96 Active
Prithvi Shaw 100 Active
Sanju Samson 14 Active
Shahbaz Nadeem 88 Active
Shikhar Dhawan 25 Active
Shivam Dube 70 Active
Shubman Gill 77 Active
Umesh Yadav 19 Active
Washington Sundar 55 Active
Wriddhiman Saha 6 Active
Yuzvendra Chahal 3 Active
Harbhajan Singh 3 Retired
Gautam Gambhir 5 Retired
Yuvraj Singh 12 Retired
Munaf Patel 13 Retired
Rahul Dravid 19 Retired
Yusuf Pathan 28 Retired
Zaheer Khan 34 Retired
Virender Sehwag 44 Retired
Suresh Raina 48 Retired
Irfan Pathan 63 Retired
Ashish Nehra 64 Retired  
Sourav Ganguly 99 Retired