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Indian Cricketers With The Most Fascinating Tattoos. SuryaKumar Yadav tattoo, Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, and many more famous cricket players inked their bodies with the most stunning tattoos. Tattoos & their meanings.

Indian Cricketers With Tattoos | Suryakumar Yadav Tattoo

Indian Cricketers With The Most Fascinating Tattoos

Indian Cricketers With The Most Interesting Tattoos

Cricket, the gentleman’s game where participants held strict discipline, has undergone a significant transformation.

Cricket was once a royal sport, played with shirts tucked in, and heads held high.

Fans desire these men’s presence off the field as well, though, given how the contemporary game has changed and how players have to perform.

Modern cricket stars flaunt nice tattoos. Indian cricketers are leaders in setting fashion trends, from former captain Virat Kohli to Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul.

Cricketers haven’t always been known for having tattoos.

Consider the Indian cricket team from the 2003 World Cup: Back then, spotting a tattoo was like finding Waldo.

But over time, flamboyance has blended naturally into cricket. In particular, with the pricey Indian Premier League.

When you consider Indian cricketers with tattoos, Surya Kumar and Virat Kohli is usually the first name that comes to mind.

This is because their zodiac sign, essential events in life, and other significant manifestations appear permanently on their skin.

Let’s look at some Indian Cricketers who have Inspiring Tattoos.

SuryaKumar Yadav’s Tattoo

Indian Cricketers With Tattoos - Suryakumar Yadav Tattoo

SuryaKumar Yadav’s Tattoo

  • Full Name: Surya Kumar Yadav
  • Birth Date: September 14, 1990
  • Batting: Right-handed Batsman
  • Role: Batsman
  • Surya Kumar Yadav Tattoo: 20 Tattoos
  • Suryakumar Yadav is a competent middle-order batsman who plays in IPL for Mumbai Indians and Indian Team Internationally.

    Continuously he became famous for his batting skills. He is dazzling with his performance by scoring great, hitting fours and dropping sixes in T20 World Cup 2022

    He is fashionable not only in the way he bats but also in how he displays his expensive tattoos, Suryakumar Yadav Tattoos says a lot about his sense of style and attire.

    Batsman Surya Kumar Yadav has an overall 20 tattoos, The one on Arm sleeve elaborates.

    An ambiguity of his parents’ names and a portrait of them are two significant tattoos of the Mumbai cricketer.

    While there are many small elements all over his upper body, the striking chest-to-forearm sleeve, an aztec design with words hidden in it, is hard to take your eyes off.

    Virat Kohli’s Tattoo

    Indian Cricketers With Tattoos - Virat Kohli Tattoo

    Virat Kohli’s Tattoo

  • Full Name: Virat Kohli
  • Birth Date: November 05, 1988
  • Batting: Right-handed Batsman
  • Role: Batsman
  • Virat Kohli Tattoo: 11 Tattoos
  • The former Indian captain enjoys showing off his tattoos, which are all over his body and include several distinctive imprints.

    Virat Kohli’s tattoos, mostly dense around his arms, speak for some of the most important things in his life.

    On his body, he has 11 tattoos that represent his zodiac sign, his parents’ names, his ODI and Test cap numbers, a monastery, Lord Shiva, and other symbols.

    Shikhar Dhawan’s Tattoo


    Shikhar Dhawan’s Tattoo

  • Full Name: Shikhar Dhawan
  • Birth Date: December 05, 1985
  • Batting: Left-handed opening batsman
  • Role: Batsman
  • Shikhar Dhawan Tattoo: 10 Tattoos
  • The Indian captain leading the team to Sri Lanka is a big tattoo fan. Arjuna and Lord Shiva, two figures from Indian mythology, are inked on Shikhar Dhawan’s right arm.

    On the back of his left bicep, Shikhar Dhawan Tattoo that reads “Carpe Diem.” Seizing the day is what “Carpe Diem” implies, and he wants to convey that we should do just that.

    Shikhar Dhawan enjoys playing the flute (basuri) off the field and the square cut on the area.

    His body has covered with tattoos that are as varied as his collection of weapons.

    You notice Dhawan because of the tattoo of an empty tree with a bird on his left calf.

    Shikhar Dhawan Tattoos on his right arm, a combination of Arjuna, a character from Mahabharat symbolizing determination, Lord Shiva, and Baba Deep Singh, a hallowed martyr of Sikhism.

    Ravindra Jadeja’s Tattoo

    Indian Cricketers With Tattoos - Ravindra Jadeja Tattoo

    Ravindra Jadeja’s Tattoo

  • Full Name: Ravindra Jadeja
  • Birth Date: December 06, 1988
  • Batting: Bats left-handed & Bowls left-arm
  • Role: All-rounder
  • Ravindra Jadeja Tattoo: 10 Tattoos
  • Ravindra Jadeja, one of the most significant players in Indian cricket, enjoys living a luxurious lifestyle and is not ashamed to show it off.

    Ravindra Jadeja was dragon tattoo When he first began his career. Then he had Jaddu, his well-known nickname, tattooed on his body.

    Ravindra Jadeja Tattoo on his back with what appears to be a flower-like design. In addition, he has a tattoo of a horse on his forearm, and he adores horses.

    KL Rahul’s Tattoo

    Indian Cricketers With Tattoos - KL Rahul Tattoo

    KL Rahul’s Tattoo

  • Full Name: Kananur Lokesh Rahul
  • Birth Date: April 18, 1992
  • Batting: Right-arm medium
  • Role: Wicket-keeper Batsman
  • KL Rahul Tattoo: 24 Tattoos
  • KL Rahul, one of the Indian cricket team’s most adaptable players, has a variety of tattoos.

    A lighthouse tattoo on his left forearm reminds him of his Mangaluru childhood home on the ocean.

    KL Rahul Tattoos says the names of his parents appear on his wrists (Rajeshwari on the left wrist & Lokesh on the right wrist).

    Additionally, he has an open eye on his left bicep, a sign that his grandparents are watching him.

    Additionally, KL Rahul Tattoo has a Roman numeral tattoo reflecting his Test cap number (284) on the right side of his body.

    XI (11), his initial jersey number for the Indian squad, is the last letter.

    KL Rahul’s massive left arm sleeve on his hand makes it clear that he is tattoo-obsessed.

    The Mangaluru native earned his national team debut for India back in 2014.

    The opening has numerous tattoos all over his body and the tribal sleeve on his arm.

    Almost every tattoo that KL Rahul has is stunning. For instance, KL Rahul Tattoo of arm sleeve has a lighthouse on the forearm and a clock on the inner bicep.

    Since he has reared in the coastal city of Mangaluru, where the clock strikes 11 every time, the lighthouse reminds him of his birthplace.

    The most beautiful tattoo is the intricate depiction of his favorite dog inked on his back.

    Hardik Pandya’s Tattoo

    Indian Cricketers With Tattoos - Hardik Pandyas Tattoo

    Hardik Pandya’s Tattoo

  • Full Name: Hardik Pandya
  • Birth Date: October 11, 1993
  • Batting: Right-arm fast-medium
  • Role: All-rounder
  • Hardik Pandya Tattoo: 10 Tattoos
  • Hardik is a colorful individual who likes to live life loudly, and Hardik Pandya Tattoos only represent who he is.

    He has the words “Belief” and “Live to succeed” tattooed on his left arm and biceps, respectively.

    Hardik Pandya Tattoo has a warrior brandishing a sword on the inside of his right arm, along with the words “never give up.” In addition, the all-rounder has a tiger tattoo on his left shoulder.

    Paws have also been added to his right neck (showing love to his two dogs). Additionally, he has a peace sign on his left neck.

    Yuzvendra Chahal’s Tattoo

    Indian Cricketers With Tattoos - Yuzvendra Chahals Tattoo

    Yuzvendra Chahal’s Tattoo

  • Full Name: Yuzvendra Chahal
  • Birth Date: July 23, 1990
  • Batting: Right-arm leg break
  • Role: leg-spin bowler
  • Yuzvendra Chahal Tattoo: 4 Tattoos
  • Yuzvendra Chahal was pictured shirtless during an interview, drawing attention to the lion tattoo that spans his chest and arm.

    Rohit Sharma, the captain of the Mumbai Indians, laughed about Yuzvendra Chahal Tattoo, but it was a real shocker for Chahal.


    Tattoos are merely body art and can be absolutely innocent, but a fatal outcome may result if the wrong resources do not exist.

    You may express yourself, stand out, and find yourself via your tattoos. Therefore, if you’re considering acquiring one, you should. Said they are a blessing.