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Messi FIFA Ban: Is he banned for Croatia vs Argentina Semifinal match in the FIFA World Cup 2022? FIFA’s corrective actions on Argentina know in full detail.

Messi FIFA Ban - Is he banned for Croatia vs Argentina match

Lionel Messi

In their semifinal encounter against Croatia, Argentina could experience a severe issue. Lionel Messi FIFA Ban, the team’s captain, can be suspended and forced to miss the crucial game. Following the criticism Messi leveled at match referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz, FIFA has begun disciplinal action against the Argentine captain. Today is likely to see the announcement of the FIFA decision.

The quarterfinal matchup between Argentina and the Netherlands featured two hefty giants in a brutal contest. So players and coaching staff from both teams were observed losing their composure; discipline was a significant problem during the game. As a result, referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz issued 16 yellow cards throughout the game.

Brawls that broke out during and after the game, in addition to verbal disputes, frequently brought the players from the two sides face to face. After the penalty shootout, Denzel Dumfries of the Netherlands received two yellow cards and has removed from the field due to the seriousness of the incident. Lionel Messi’s FIFA Ban and Emi Martinez blasted the referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz following the game.

FIFA decided to initiate disciplinary measures against the Argentine Football Association and the relevant players in response to the harsh criticism from the Argentine team. Lionel Messi could be disqualified from Croatia vs Argentina Semifinals if proven guilty, which is a serious possibility.

Argentina and Messi are the subjects of a FIFA investigation into possible violations of rules 12 and 16, which deal with improper conduct by athletes and officials and order and security at sporting events. In addition, a breath on article 12 has used against the Dutch Football Association.

After a 2-2 draw and a World Cup record of 18 yellow cards shown, Argentina overcame the Netherlands 4-3 on penalties on Friday.

As the Dutch rallied from being two goals down to force extra time, the game was marked by numerous significant clashes & tense exchanges.

As per the statement of FIFA, the allegations against the Argentina football association center upon player & staff misconduct and “order and security at matches.”

What Reason Did Messi Said About It?

Before the game, we were worried because we knew what Mateu Lahoz would do, but I didn’t want to bring up the referees for fear that they would penalize us. However, I am unable to express my opinion. “FIFA cannot assign a referee of that caliber to this match when he is not qualified,” remarked Messi.

FIFA is investigating the matter

FIFA has launched an investigation into Argentina for alleged infractions of regulations 12 and 16, which both apply to Argentina and deal with player and official misbehavior and order & security at sporting events.

Regarding the Dutch Football Association, article 12 has been implemented. A World Cup record for the most important issue in a game was set by Argentina on Friday at Lusail Stadium when they overcame the Netherlands 4-3 in penalties after a 2-2 draw.

After dropping behind by two goals, the Dutch fought back to force extra time, which led to numerous public altercations and unpleasant interactions. The claims against the Argentina football association center on player & staff misconduct as well as “order & security at matches,” according to a statement from FIFA.

There were several contests during the game

Aside from verbal disputes, brawls that broke out during and after the game typically involved players from both sides approaching one another. Due to the severity of the altercation after the penalty shootout, Denzel Dumfries of the Netherlands was sent off the field and given two yellow cards. Following the game, Lionel Messi and Argentine goalkeeper Emi Martinez criticized the official, Antonio Mateu Lahoz.

Following the intense criticism, FIFA decided to take action against the relevant players and the Argentine Football Association. Lionel Messi’s ability to play against Croatia in the semifinals could be taken away from him if he is found guilty.

Reason for Messi receiving a warning on Friday

One of the best footballers of every time received a yellow card after celebrating a field goal from Antonio Lahoz. Messi removed his shirt following his goal against the Netherlands. Lionel Messi was issued a yellow card during that game because it is against FIFA regulations for a player to take off his jersey while celebrating a goal. In a post-game interview, Messi shared some fascinating observations about Lahoz’s behavior.

How Argentina’s coach defends his player

Lionel Scaloni, the coach of Argentina, defended his players and stated that the game was played “correct manner” on Monday.

“Both teams played the game the other day in the proper manner & that is football,” explained the 44-year-old, who helped Argentina win the Copa America last year.

In some situations, you must attack and defend, and disagreements may occur.

Tuesday’s first semifinal features Argentina vs Croatia, while Wednesday’s second semifinal has France vs. giant-killing Morocco.