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Read who scored the most runs in women’s test cricket, which team they represent, how they played & their career awards. Everything is given here in detail.

Most Runs in Women's Test Cricket History 2023 Updated

Most Runs in Women’s Test Cricket

Most Runs in Women’s Test Cricket

The most thrilling and difficult cricket format is test cricket. However, it is the least used format in women’s cricket. There are many causes behind this, including the fact that cricket boards only invest a little money because of the low returns, that women are less suited to the format than males, and that there is a dearth of strong red ball technique. Another argument against playing the game’s longest format is that of cricket.

England and Australia competed in the first-ever women’s test match in Brisbane in 1934. England defeated Australia by 9 wickets in the three-day encounter. There have been 140 women’s test matches played to date.

An intriguing fact is that the 1990s saw the highest number of Test matches played. The ten most runs in women’s cricket test scores are given below. Let’s discuss the most runs in test women’s cricket.

The Most Runs in Test Women’s Cricket – Scorer’s table

Player Span Mat Runs HS 100s 50s
JA Brittin (ENG-W) 1979-1998 27 1935 167 5 11
CM Edwards (ENG-W) 1996-2015 23 1676 117 4 9
R Heyhoe-Flint (ENG-W) 1960-1979 22 1594 179 3 10
DA Hockley (NZ-W) 1979-1996 19 1301 126 4 7
CA Hodges (ENG-W) 1984-1992 18 1164 158 2 6
S Agarwal (IND-W) 1984-1995 13 1110 190 4 4
E Bakewell (ENG-W) 1968-1979 12 1078 124 4 7
SC Taylor (ENG-W) 1999-2009 15 1030 177 4 2
ME Maclagan (ENG-W) 1934-1951 14 1007 119 2 6
KL Rolton (AUS-W) 1995-2009 14 1002 209* 2 5

List of 7 Most Runs in Women’s Test Cricket

JA Brittin

Full Name: Janette Ann Brittin

DOB: July 4, 1959

Nationality: United Kingdom

Batting Style: Right-handed

Awards: Awarded an MBE in 1999

The most runs in women’s test cricket have been scored by Janette Ann Brittin, who amassed 1935 runs in 27 games (44 innings) at an amazing average of 49.61.

The most by any women cricket player, she has also scored 5 centuries and 11 half-centuries. Brittin has also participated in most tests (27). From 1979 through 1998, she served as an advocate. In tests, Brittin had the best grade of 167.

Charlotte Edwards

Full Name: Charlotte Marie Edwards

DOB: December 17, 1979

Nationality: United Kingdom

Batting Style: Right-handed

Awards: Wisden Cricketers of the Year

Former English captain Charlotte Edwards has scored the second-most runs in women’s cricket test cricket. With a remarkable average of 44.10 and 1676 runs scored in 23 games (43 innings), Edwards has proven she was just as proficient in tests as in ODIs.

In the game’s longest format, Edwards has hit nine 50s and four 100s. Her greatest test score is 117. She is recognized as one of women’s cricket’s top all-around players.

R Heyhoe Flint

Full Name: Rachael Heyhoe Flint

DOB: June 11, 1939

Nationality: United Kingdom

Batting Style: Right-handed

Awards: Shelly Nitschke at the ICC

In women’s tests, Rachel Heyhoe Flint has scored the third- most runs in test women’s cricket with 1594 runs in 22 matches (38) with an average of 45.54. Flint spent 22 years for England in international cricket (1960-1982).

R Heyhoe is the first women’s cricket batswoman to hit a six in a test match. Between 1966 and 1978, while she was captain, England’s women won six test series. The second-highest number of hundreds scored by a batswoman in women’s cricket is 10 by Rachel during her test career.

Deborah Ann Hockley

Full Name: Deborah Ann Hockley

DOB: November 7, 1962

Nationality: New Zealand

Batting Style: Right-handed

Awards: Player of the Match” award in the 1997 World Cup final

Deborah Ann Hockley, a former New Zealand cricketer, has scored the most runs in women’s test cricket. In 19 tests (29 innings), she has scored 1301 runs with an outstanding average of 52.04. Only so many players average more than 50 in tests, not even in men’s cricket. Her 17-year worldwide professional career (1979-1996).

CA Hodges

Full Name: Carole Ann Hodges

DOB: September 1, 1959

Nationality: United Kingdom

Batting Style: Right-handed batter & Right-arm break bowler

Awards: Star wicketkeeper batter Alyssa Healy & women’s ODI Player of the year award

Former English women’s cricketer Carole Ann Hodges ranks fifth in most runs in test women’s cricket with 1164 runs in 18 games (31 innings) and an average of 40.13 over the course of her 8-year test career (1984-1992). Hodges has two hundred and six fifty scores. Her test score record is 158*.

Sandhya Agarwal

Full Name: Sandhya Agarwal

DOB: May 9, 1963

Nationality: India

Batting Style: Right-hand batting & Right-hand off-break bowling

Awards: Arjuna Award for Cricket

Former Indian batswoman Sandhya Agarwal played for her country from 1984 to 1995. With 1110 runs scored in 23 innings at an impressive average of 50.45.

Agarwal scored the sixth-most runs in women’s cricket. She hit four 100s and four 50s in just 11 games. Her career-best mark is 190.

Enid Bakewell

Full Name: Enid Bakewell

DOB: December 16, 1940

Nationality: United Kingdom

Batting Style: Right-handed

Awards: World Cup winner 1973

Enid Bakewell, a former English cricketer, comes in seventh place for the most runs scored in a test cricket. Between 1968 and 1982, the right-handed batswoman participated in 12 games and scored 1078 runs. Bakewell exceeded the 100-run barrier four times and the 50-run mark seven times in 12 games.