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After two exciting days of strategy and battle on the auction floor, the Pro Kabaddi 2022 auction ended on Saturday evening, August 6, know all the teams squad after day 2 of the PKL season 9 auction

VIVO Pro Kabaddi could be a very important drive by Mashal Sports and Star India. Since its starting in 2014, The League has transmuted the kabaddi sports with surprising developments, creating a perfect optimistic game for players and fans constantly.

Upheld by the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India (AKFI), and upheld by partaking people from the International Kabaddi Federation (IKF) and therefore the Asian Kabaddi Federation (AKF), the association has seen large development over the past seasons.
Mashal Sports and STAR Asian nation have reciprocally pursued raising the sport of kabaddi to a worldwide norm with antecedently unknown developments within the standards and the way the sport is seen, therefore heralding a brand new era for kabaddi.

VIVO professional Kabaddi presently has extraordinary investment from completely different items of the state thanks to the hassle over the past seasons and also the look of recent comes spearheaded by Mashal Sports to empower vernal ability from the state over. Kabaddi is presently likewise seen as an inexpensive vocation selection by completely different hopeful players in India and in abroad.

Bengaluru Bulls Preserved Players for Pro Kabaddi League Season 9:

The addition of 4 new teams within the 5th edition of the league made VIVO Pro Kabaddi India’s biggest sports league in phrases of geographical representation and a wide variety of teams.

The new facets – Gujarat Giants, Haryana Steelers, Tamil Thalaivas, and U.P. Yoddha made the opposition even more unnecessary and the kabaddi all the extra thrilling. The Pro Kabaddi 2022 tournament will take place between October and December this year, but before then, the 12 teams assembled their squads at the two-day PKL Player Auction in Mumbai on August 5th and 6th.

The teams retained some elite and young players from the previous season before selling 500 players, including Pawan Sehrawat and Pardeep Narwal.

Bengal Warriors had maintained and retained skipper Maninder Singh whereas Patna Pirates have maintained their star defender Mohammadreza Chiyaneh. Defensive champions Dabang Delhi K.C. has set stay star raider Naveen Kumar and all arounder Vijay in their squad.

Three-time champions Patna Pirates have the best-Retained Players and their all-rounder Mohammadreza Shadloui Chiyaneh is the main abroad player held by any PKL group in front of Season 9. Prior to the auction, 13 retained young players, 19 elite retained players, and 38 existing new young players (NYPs) were retained. New Young Players (NYP) were also nominated by 41 Franchisees.

Other outstanding names are retained, Arjun Deshwal (Jaipur Pink Panthers), Surender Gill (UP Yoddhas), and Saurabh Nandal (Bengaluru Bulls). Every team was given a large amount of 4.4 cr to make their squads for this season and with the retention, the purses of each team have reduced a little.

Puneri Paltan splashed money to land the Iranian couple of Fazel Atrachali and Mahomet Nabibakhsh, whereas Sandeep Narwhal had no takers within the spherical one of the auction that saw eight players go beneath the hammer. In spherical a pair of day one of the auction, Pardeep Narwal was bought back by UP Yoddhas, franchises used the FBM card, whereas Sachin Tanwar too can continue with Patna Pirates.

All non-retained player’s area units are set to travel to a lower place on the hammer for the two-day auction in the metropolis from August 5th to 6th.
During this year’s auction, the non-retained players from the Domestic, Overseas, and New Young Players groups square measure aiming to be divided into four categories: A, B, C, and D. The player’s area unit is then divided as ‘All-Rounders’, ‘Defenders’ and ‘Raiders’ at intervals each category.

The base prices for each of the categories area unit category A – 30 Lakhs, category B – 20 Lakhs, category C – 10 Lakhs and sophistication D – 6 Lakhs.The total remuneration purse offered to each franchisee for its squad for PKL Season 9 is agency 4 Crores. The Vivo PKL Season 9’s Player Pool has been swollen to 500+ moreover as twenty-four players from the very best a try of teams of the Khelo Asian nation University Games 2021, Bangalore.

All non-retained players are set to travel beneath the hammer for the two-day auction from August 5th to 6th in Mumbai.
During the current year of action, the non-retained players from the Domestic, Overseas, and New Young Players, teams are going to be separated into 4 categories: A, B, C & D. The players are sub-categorized as ‘All-Rounders’, ‘Defenders’ and ‘Raiders’ at within 4 categories.

The base amount for each of the categories is Category A is INR 30 Lakhs, Category B is INR 20 Lakhs, Category C is INR 10 Lakhs, and Category D – is INR 6 Lakhs.The total remuneration Purse available to each franchisee for its squad for PKL Season 9 is INR 4.4 Crores. The Vivo PKL Season 9’s Player Pool has been expanded to more than 500 including 24 players from the top 2 teams of the Khelo India University Games.

Retained Player's List of 2022 Vivo Pro Kabaddi Season 9

Bengal Warriors Preserved Players For Pro Kabaddi League Season 9:

Elite preserved Players
Name Position
Maninder Singh Raider
Manoj Gowda K. All-rounder
Akash Pikalmunde Raider
Franchisee Nominative New Young Players
Name Position
Suyog Baban Gaikar Raider
R Guhan Raider
Parshant Kumar Raider
Vaibhav Bhausaheb Garje Defender
Elite Retained Players
Name Position
Mahender Singh Defender
Mayur Jagannath Kadam Defender
More G B Raider
Retained Young Players
Name Position
Saurabh Nandal Defender
Existing New Young Players
Name Position
Bharat Raider
Rohit Kumar Defender
Vinod Lachmayya Naik Defender
Franchisee Nominative New Young Players
Name Position
Aman Defender
Rajnesh Defender
Yash Hooda Defender

Dabang Delhi K.C. retained players for Pro Kabaddi League Season 9

Elite preserved Players
Name Position
Vijay All-rounder
Retained Young Players
Name Position
Naveen Kumar Raider
Existing New Young Players
Name Position
Dipak Defender
Krishan Defender
Vinay Kumar Defender
Ashu Malik Raider
Franchisee Nominated New Young Players
Name Position
Ashish Narwal Raider
Manjeet Raider
Suraj Panwar Raider
Vijay Defender

Gujarat Giants Retained Players for Pro Kabaddi League Season 9:

Elite Retained Players
Name Position
Sonu Raider
Existing New Young Players
Name Position
Rakesh Raider
Gaurav Chhikara Raider
Sohit Raider
Sonu Singh Raider
Franchisee Nominated New Young Players
Name Position
Parteek Dhaiya Raider
Rohan Singh All-rounder

Haryana Steelers Preserved Players For Pro Kabaddi League Season 9:

Retained Young Players
Name Position
Vinay Raider
Existing New Young Players
Name Position
Meetu Raider
Jaideep Defender
Ankit Defender
Mohit Defender
Franchisee Nominated New Young Players
Name Position
Monu Defender
Naveen Defender
Harsh Defender
Sunny Defender

Jaipur Pink Panthers Preserved Players For Pro Kabaddi League Season 9:

Elite Retained Players
Name Position
Mohammadreza Shadloui Chiyaneh All-rounder
Sajin Chandrasekar All-rounder
Monu Raider
Neeraj Kumar Defender
Existing New Young Players
Name Position
Rohit Raider
Manish Defender
Franchisee Nominated New Young Players
Name Position
Ranjit Venkatramana Naik Raider
Anuj Kumar Raider
Naveen Sharma Defender
Thiyagarajan Yuvaraj Defender

Puneri Paltan Retained Players For Pro Kabaddi League Season 9:

Elite Retained Players
Name Position
Sombir Defender
Abinesh Nadarajan Defender
Retained Young Players
Name Position
Pankaj Mohite Raider
Sanket Sawant Defender
Existing New Young Players
Name Position
Aslam Inamdar Raider
Mohit Goyat Raider
Akash Santosh Shinde Raider
Shubham Nitin Shelke Raider
Govind Gurjar All-rounder
Franchisee Nominated New Young Players
Name Position
Aditya Tushar Shinde Raider
Badal Taqdir Singh Defender

Tamil Thalaivas Retained Players for Pro Kabaddi League Season 9:

Elite Retained Players
Name Position
Ajinkya Ashok Pawar Raider
Retained Young Players
Sagar Defender
Himanshu Defender
M. Abishek Defender
Existing New Young Players
Himanshu Raider
Sahil Defender
Ashish Defender
Mohit Defender
Franchisee Nominated New Young Players
Himanshu Raider
Narender Raider
Jatin Raider

Telugu Titans Retained Players For Pro Premier League Season 9:

Elite Retained Players
Name Position
Ankit Beniwal Raider
Rajnish Raider
Existing New Young Players
Palla Ramakrishna Defender
Prince Defender
Muhammed Shihas S Defender
Franchisee Nominated New Young Players
Vinay Raider
Mohit Pahal Defender
Mohit Defender
Nitin Defender

U Mumba Retained Players For Pro Kabaddi League Season 9

Elite Retained Players
Name Position
Rinku Defender
Existing New Young Players
Kamlesh Raider
Shivam Raider
Prince Defender
Rahul Defender
Franchisee Nominated New Young Players
Sachin Raider
Pranay Vinay Rane Raider
Rupesh Raider
Shivansh Thakur Defender

U.P. Yoddhas Retained Players For Pro Kabaddi League Season 9:

Elite Retained Players
Name Position
Nitesh Kumar Defender
Retained Young Players
Surender Gill Raider
Sumit Raider
Ashu Singh Defender
Existing New Young Players
Nitin Panwar All-rounder
Shubham Kumar Defender
Aman Raider
Rohit Tomar Raider
Franchisee Nominated New Young Players
Durgesh Kumar Raider
Mahipal Raider
Anil Kumar Raider

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Pro Kabaddi League:

Question 1: What is the meaning of the 'Pro' in Pro Kabaddi League?

The meaning of ‘pro’ is professional. Pro Kabaddi League is professional level kabaddi tournament organised by Mashal Sports where players from India as well as across the globe from countries like Iran, Republic of South Korea and others participate in the tournament.

Question 2: Can the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League become a global success?

Yes, Pro Kabaddi League have become a global success. It boasts of a cumulative viewership growth of 51% over four seasons, which is the highest for any sports league in the country. At the season 5 launch in Mumbai, Shubhranshu Singh, Executive VP – Head Marketing of Sports at Star India, said the PKL’s success had been unprecedented.

Questions 3: In Kabaddi, who has been the best raider in all of the seasons?

The raider with the most wins in the history of Pro Kabaddi is Pardeep Narwal of the Patna Pirates. In the 107 PKL games Pardeep has played so far, he has gotten 1160 raid points, which is more than anyone else in the tournament. He is one of the best players in this league because of how well he raids.

Question 4: Why are the Telugu Titans weak in PKL 5?

Lack of Consistency is the main reason behind the Titans’ weak performance. If you watch, Telugu’s games right from starting they have Rakesh Kumar as a right corner or right cover, it has to be seen that Asian gold medalist all-rounder Rakesh Kumar struggling with form. He scored only 7 raid points and 16 tackle points. That’s why he is currently out of starting 7.

Rahul Chaudhari

The captain of the titans has scored a total of 128 points with 4 super 10 in 16 matches. So, think, the strike raider scored above 10 points at just 4 matches of 16 played. Little disappointment from this 5-star raider.

Nilesh Salunke

Young raider fails to impress this season. The basic role of Nilesh is to provide support raiding to star raider Rahul. Currently, Nilesh has 62 raid points. Anyhow, Nilesh Salunke fails to provide raiding support for Rahul.

Rohit Rana:

Another big name of Titans. Masked man having 17 tackles points in 17 matches. Means, one tackle point per match. Much bigger disappointment from the star cover defender. Another big reason for the titans’ failure. Besides all disappointments, there is a new hope. Yes, I’m talking about Vishal Bhardwaj. The only player who continuously performs well. This young left corner strongly impresses us in season 5. Currently, he is having 53 tackles points. Currently, topper of defenders lists i.e. orange band owner.Sombir, Farhad Rahimi, Vikas Tanwar, Mohsin also need to perform well.

Why new raider?

If you watching the titans’ game their raiding mostly depends on Rahul. But in every match, he gets tackles very easily. Because every team knew titan’s weakness in raiding. And it’s the same for Nilesh Salunke. A new raider will definitely improve their performance

Question 5: Who will win Season 7 of Pro Kabaddi League 2019?

Bengal Warriors outplay Dabang Delhi K.C. and lift their maiden vivo Pro Kabaddi title. Bengal Warriors became the champions of vivo Pro Kabaddi Season 7 after a 39-34 victory over Dabang Delhi K.C. at the EKA Arena by TransStadia in Ahmedabad on Saturday.

Question 6: How well known is Puneri Paltan?

Puneri Paltan is one of the teams competing in the Pro Kabaddi League.
The first two seasons were devastating for the Pune franchise finishing at the bottom of the table while U Mumba from the same state (Maharashtra) was in the finals of both seasons. The lack of a star player other than Wazir Singh also did not help. Pune franchisee revamped their team in Season 3 with Manjeet Chillar, Ajay Thakur (previously Bengaluru Bulls) and Deepak Niwas Hooda (Telugu Titans) which improved their performance as well as fan base.
They finished 3rd in Season 3 and 4 and had a better finish than Derby rivals U Mumba in Season 4.
First time in 4 seasons they beat U Mumba in Season 4 and that too by a margin of 19 points in a night where Ajay Thakur starred with a match winning performance.

Question 7: Who won season 1 of Pro Kabaddi?

The first Pro Kabaddi title was won by the Jaipur Pink Panthers in 2014. Despite losing the inaugural match of PKL, Jaipur Pink Panthers won 10 of their 14 league games to emerge as the most consistent side of PKL Season 1.

Question 8: What is the problem with the Tamil Thalaivas team in Kabaddi?

The Following issues leads to the problem in Tamil Thalaivas:

1. Lack of Raiding Duo

All the other teams except Bangalore and Delhi have very good raiding and defensive options. Tamil Thalaivas on the other hand has only one professional. I don’t even need to tell you his name. Thankfully Don Geon Lee is showing some promise. In the current format of PKL, you certainly need two top quality raiders to win matches. Case in point : UP Yoddha

2. Terrible defense

Tamil Thalaivas’s defense is probably the worst among all seasons of PKL. The team is filled with inexperienced defenders who are constantly rotated and so are raring to prove themselves. However their level of understanding in a tournament like PKL is not great. They seem to clearly underestimate the best raiders in the world, even people like Rahul Choudhary and go for an advance tackle.
Many matches they are just seen giving away simple touch points to very normal raids.

3. Lack of team work and overall coordination

The team seems to misunderstand how much of the work is being done by Ajay Thakur. They seem to misinterpret any point that Ajay earns as a license to attack the very next raider who walks in. Kabaddi is a game of patience. You will have to starve your raiders and make them commit errors – they are after all under pressure while raiding. As a defense unit, there is no major pressure on you unless there are only 3 defenders on court, which makes you vulnerable.
TT’s understanding of this seems to be quite bad. This is especially ironic since Coach Baskaran is known for his superb Defensive setups (He coached the Panthers, who were then known for their formidable defending capabilities).

4. Free fall after Ajay’s exit

Tamil Thalaivas has been horrendous in holding back after Ajay’s exit. Almost every time Ajay and Prapanjan exit, the team has raced to an all out. Every Allout takes the game away from them and puts more pressure on Ajay Thakur. Sometimes even the 3rd or 4th preferred raiders have had very good luck in dismantling the Thalaivas once Ajay exits. This shows the lack of a senior defender to marshall the team and fight back an all out.

Question 9: Which is the best team of Pro Kabaddi season 5?

Gujarat Fortunegiants.

They did not have big names except Fazel Atrachali, Sukesh Hegde and Abozar Mighani. With a very young team they won the most number of matches and reached the Finale. Their Defence was in sublime form. Both corners Fazel and Abozar were in great rhythm. Their young cover defenders Parvesh and Sunil scored as many as their corner defenders. This was team against which Pardeep Narwal couldn’t score a super 10 in the league matches. He scored against them in the final though.

Abozar : 66 points
Fazel : 57 points
Sunil : 58 points
Parvesh : 48 points
They were the team with most successful tackle strike rate.

Coming to the raiding department, they did not have any big names. Their raiders Sachin, Chandran Ranjit, Sukesh and Mahender rajput played their part really well. When Sukesh was unable to find his form Sachin took the onus on him and performed like a champion. He had a good support from Chandran Ranjit. Whenever the team found themselves in trouble, their super sub Mahender Ganesh Rajput came to the rescue. Mahender’s performance helped them to beat Bengal warriors to reach the finals. Sachin was even awarded the best emerging player of the season.

Their coach Manpreet Singh is a tactical genius. With such a young team reaching the finals in the first ever season is a great thing. Although Gujarat did not win the trophy they were too good as a team.

Question 10: Who could win the Pro Kabaddi League 2021?

After gruelling 64 days and 136 games, Dabang Delhi K.C. have finally been crowned the champions of Pro Kabaddi League 2021-22. They defeated three times champions Patna Pirates by a solitary point to win the PKL final 37-36.