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The competition begins on November 20, with Qatar, the host nation, taking on Ecuador. After that, four group games will be held every day for more than a week before the knockout stage begins on December 3.

So, with a football festival in store for us, we’ve decided to forecast all 64 games that will be there across Qatar World Cup 2022.

Here you can find the predictions for every game from November 21 through December 18 using this new information. At the same time, some of the original forecasts and analyses will hold in Qatar 2022.

Group A (Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal & Netherlands)

Qatar vs Ecuador

What significant change has occurred since the initial Round? The time and players for the first game! Senegal-Netherlands were set to play first, but the tournament’s administrators moved this game daily to guarantee that the host country receives Game 1. In Qatar 2022.

Senegal vs Netherlands

The Twenty-First Group model ranks the Netherlands as the eighth-best squad. In contrast, Senegal is ranked 18th, fittingly for what is generally regarded as the poorest group in the tournament for FIFA Qatar 2022.

Qatar vs Senegal

Senegal keeps possession, Qatar cannot break down the defense of Everton’s Idrissa Gueye & Chelsea’s Kalidou Koulibaly, the ball turns over & of a sudden, it’s Sadio Mane bursts into the penalty area over and over, and over again.

Netherlands vs Ecuador

Over the past few months, the Netherlands has lit up. Only Brazil, Argentina, and Spain are now above the Dutch in the Elo rankings, which are revised after each game a team plays based on the outcome and the level of competition.

Netherlands vs Qatar

Classic World Cup matchups between one team eliminated and another trying to make up as many goals as possible to win the possible goal-differential tiebreaker atop the group in FIFA 2022 in Qatar.

Ecuador vs Senegal

Win as many points as you can usually is the motive for the first two games in the group stages in FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022, but by the third game, you’re just looking to do whatever you believe will increase your chances of qualifying. Senegal would be satisfied with a win or a draw, while Ecuador would advance with a victory.

  • Qatar 1-2 Ecuador
  • Senegal 0-2 Netherlands
  • Qatar 0-2 Senegal
  • Netherlands 3-0 Ecuador
  • Ecuador 1-2 Senegal
  • Netherlands 4-0 Qatar
  • Predicted Winners in FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022

    Netherlands – 9 points | Runner-up: Senegal – 6 points

    Group B (England, Iran, USA & Wales)

    England vs. Iran

    England has been terrible. They lost their last six games and were demoted to the second division of the Nations League. Since 1998, teams that advanced to the World Cup semifinals have, on average, won more than 60% of their final five games. Of course, Gareth Southgate’s team has won zero games.

    Iran has a history of being difficult to score against, even though they are scoreless. As a result, the Three Lions may struggle in this one, especially the opening half.

    United States vs. Wales

    Wales has been one of the most efficient sit-back-and-counter sides in international soccer over the past ten years. However, with a presumably fit & healthy Gareth Bale leading the way, the Americans had a somewhat difficult time with them during qualification.

    The United States has superior skill to Wales, but Gregg Berhalter’s team will face a tactical conundrum from their Day 1 opponents.

    Wales vs. Iran

    Although it’s unlikely, this game may go the entire 90 minutes with both teams daring the other to take the initiative while the ball sits in the center of the circle.

    England vs. the United States

    Both clubs have tremendous attacking skills, but their defenses are far more robust than their offensive strengths. Beyond the fears and emotional complexities, both countries have grown against & in tandem with over the past 300 years.

    Wales vs. England

    Considering previous results, England will have clinched the top spot in the group after the first two games. That is highly positive for Wales until you consider that England’s backup team will likely be as good as its starting one.

    Iran vs. United States

    Contrarily, the United States might do better against better competition at the World Cup.

  • England 3-0 Iran
  • USA 1-1 Wales
  • Wales 0-0 Iran
  • England 2-1 USA
  • Iran 0-2 USA
  • England 1-1 Wales
  • Predicted Winners in Qatar world cup 2022

    England – 7 points | Runner-up: USA – 4 points

    Group C (Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico & Poland)

    Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia

    Right now, the vibes around Argentina are the best they’ve ever been, and the Saudis don’t mesh well with them.

    Lionel Messi continues to drop deeper and ping accurate passes up and across the field, and game winning streak is still going strong as he ages.

    Mexico vs. Poland

    Robert is the best striker in the World right now. Robert Lewandowski is present in Poland. But additionally: Despite having Robert Lewandowski for more than ten years at this time, Poland has yet to see him make a significant international impact. So, overall, I see little difference between these two squads.

    Poland vs. Saudi Arabia

    This looks to be one of those ” Golden Boot winners in one match” type games. Would the over/under on Lewandowski’s goals be 1.5? Maybe 2?

    Argentina vs. Mexico

    Argentina’s setup will give too much of an edge to win

    Poland vs. Argentina

    Possibility for Lewandowski to exact revenge on Messi for taking the Ballon d’Or? Or not. A draw will ultimately help both teams when it benefits both groups.

    Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico

    The final match between Poland and Argentina doesn’t carry as much weight as the first, so Poland gets the extra point to send El Tri packing.

  • Argentina 5-0 Saudi Arabia
  • Mexico 2-0 Poland
  • Poland 2-0 Saudi Arabia
  • Argentina 3-1 Mexico
  • Poland 1-2 Argentina
  • Saudi Arabia 0-3 Mexico
  • Predicted Winners in Qatar world cup 2022

    Argentina – 9 points | Runner-up: Mexico – 6 points

    Group D (Denmark, Tunisia, France & Australia)

    Denmark vs. Tunisia

    But after that group, Denmark has the shortest probability of winning the whole thing. But they made the semifinals of the Euros, and it wasn’t a fluke.

    France vs. Australia

    Despite trying to qualify out of a comparatively easy region, Australia scored an expected goal of plus-0.22 per 90 minutes in their challenging matches since last August. As a result, France will play this more conservatively.

    Tunisia vs. Australia

    Based on the Twenty-First Group ratings, this could be the worst game of the tournament.

    France vs. Denmark

    The holders against the Euro semifinalists make for a fun group-stage rematch. However, Denmark has improved since then & although Pogba and Kante are gone, Karim Benzema is back.

    Tunisia vs. France

    A definitive victory for the reigning champions.

    Australia vs. Denmark

    Australia could have to win this by a considerable margin to advance, Whereas Denmark finishes the group with seven Points.

  • Denmark 2-0 Tunisia
  • France 2-0 Australia
  • Tunisia 0-0 Australia
  • France 1-2 Denmark
  • Tunisia 0-3 France
  • Denmark 1-0 Australia
  • Predicted Winners in Qatar world cup 2022

    Denmark – 9 points | Runner-up: France – 6 points

    Group E (Germany, Japan, Spain & Costa Rica)

    Germany vs. Japan

    Germany had the best-predicted goal differential per game, while Japan was sixth.

    Spain vs. Costa Rica

    Despite this, Spain dominated Italy in the Euro 2016 semi finals before losing in a shootout. The team is made up primarily of young players who have generated some intricate & club-team-like attacking play. Costa Rica, however, might be the oldest team in the tournament.

    Japan vs. Costa Rica

    Despite the score lines against their matches, the U.S. was a better team than Costa Rica throughout qualifying.

    Spain vs. Germany

    A Group Stages match disappoints both teams because neither team has much to gain from going all-out for victory.

    Japan vs. Spain

    The key to frustrating Spain is to limit space in your opposing third.

    Costa Rica vs. Germany

    The issue with this year’s Costa Rica is that few of the same players are Costa Rica of two World Cups ago.

  • Germany 3-1 Japan
  • Spain 2-0 Costa Rica
  • Japan 2-1 Costa Rica
  • Germany 2-2 Spain
  • Japan 1-1 Spain
  • Costa Rica 0-3 Germany
  • Predicted Winners in Qatar world cup 2022

    Germany – 7 points | Runner-up: Spain – 5 points

    Group F (Morocco, Croatia, Belgium & Canada)

    Morocco vs. Croatia

    With players from the Croatian and Moroccan first divisions playing alongside international soccer superstars, these two teams perfectly capture the dual beauty and curse of international soccer.

    Belgium vs. Canada

    Belgium is in a bad situation here. They can’t honestly defend in space and are poor at the back. But the Belgians might overwhelm Canada with possession.

    Belgium vs. Morocco

    Moroccans are the fastest team in the game & Belgium’s team is more than the one we have seen at the last World Cup.

    Croatia vs. Canada

    Croatia could control this game by having more midfield talent than the Americans can offer.

    Croatia vs. Belgium

    As Croatia maintains possession but gives the Red Devils too much room to play on the counter, Belgium’s strikers begin to gel.

    Canada vs. Morocco

    Morocco tops the group & Canada and Belgium finish tied on points, goal differential, and on goals scored. It predicted both parties might end in a draw.

  • Morocco 1-2 Croatia
  • Belgium 2-0 Canada
  • Belgium 1-1 Morocco
  • Croatia 3-0 Canada
  • Croatia 3-1 Belgium
  • Canada 0-0 Morocco
  • Predicted Winners in Qatar world cup 2022

    Croatia – 9 points | Runner-up: Belgium 6 points

    Group G (Switzerland, Cameroon, Brazil & Serbia)

    Switzerland vs. Cameroon

    There are more chances that Switzerland can score well and be predicted to win.

    Brazil vs. Serbia

    Comparing the previous stats, Brazil’s winning probability is more.

    Cameroon vs. Serbia

    Serbia and Switzerland rank within the top 15 of the Twenty-First Group rankings. Comparingly, Cameroon could be better in order.

    Brazil vs. Switzerland

    Brazil is the dominating and robust team to score well and win over Switzerland.

    Serbia vs. Switzerland

    Switzerland would need a draw, and Serbia would need a win to qualify.

    Cameroon vs. Brazil

    Cameroon ranks 2nd, while Brazil holds 1st position, so it predicted Brazil is the winner

  • Switzerland 2-0 Cameroon
  • Brazil 2-2 Serbia
  • Cameroon 0-2 Serbia
  • Brazil 3-1 Switzerland
  • Serbia 1-0 Switzerland
  • Brazil 4-0 Cameroon
  • Predicted Winners in Qatar world cup 2022

    Brazil – 7 points | Runner-up: Serbia – 7 points

    Group H (Uruguay, South Korea, Portugal & Ghana)

    Uruguay vs South Korea

    Uruguay has a 51.4% chance of winning, while a South Korean upset scores 21.8% and a draw 26.8%.

    Portugal vs Ghana

    Portugal is ranked ninth and went 5-2-1 during the World Cup qualifiers. In contrast, Ghana is ranked 60th in the World by FIFA. Ghana went 4-1-1 during the World.

    South Korea vs Ghana

    Ghana is the only team in the competition to have experienced offensive defeat in each of its competitive games since last August. So the Winning probability of South Korea is more.

    Portugal vs Uruguay

    Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be rapidly declining & killing the vibes at every possible opportunity from Portugal’s side. Uruguay knocked Portugal out in Round 16, but these 2 teams are in very different places four years later.

    South Korea vs Portugal

    The Koreans are a younger and faster team, and we think the Portuguese need more time to keep them in check for the full 90 minutes. Therefore, the probability of Draw is more.

    Ghana vs Uruguay

    The probability of winning Uruguay is higher based on state-of-the-art computer power and data.

  • Uruguay 2-0 South Korea
  • Portugal 1-1 Ghana
  • South Korea 2-1 Ghana
  • Portugal 3-3 Uruguay
  • South Korea 0-2 Portugal
  • Ghana 0-1 Uruguay
  • Predicted Winners in Qatar world cup 2022

    Uruguay – 7 points | Runner-up: Portugal – 5 points

    So, aside from France, Belgium, and Portugal placing second in their respective groups, which sets up some compelling knockout ties, there weren’t too many surprises in the group stage forecast.

    Next, we’ll move on to Round 16, recorded the same way as the previous step.

    Round of 16

    Netherlands 3-0 USA
    Argentina 2-2 France (Argentina win 5-4 on penalties)
    Denmark 1-0 Mexico
    England 2-1 Senegal (AET)
    Germany 3-1 Belgium
    Brazil 1-1 Portugal (Brazil win 4-2 on penalties)
    Croatia 1-2 Spain (AET)
    Uruguay 2-3 Serbia

    Predicted Qualified teams in Qatar 2022

    Netherlands, Argentina, Denmark, England, Germany, Brazil, Spain & Serbia

    Quarter-finals | Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup

  • Germany 0-2 Brazil
  • Netherlands 1-2 Argentina
  • Spain 0-0 Serbia (Spain win 5-4 on penalties)
  • England 2-0 Denmark
  • Qatar world cup 2022 – Qualified teams

  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Spain
  • England
  • Semifinals

  • Argentina 1-0 Brazil
  • England 0-3 Spain
  • Qatar 2022 | Predicted Qualified teams: Argentina & Spain

    Third-place play-off

    Brazil 2-0 England

    Final – Qatar World cup 2022

    Argentina 2-1 Spain (AET)

    Champions: Argentina – Qatar FIFA World cup 2022

    Therefore, we forecast Argentina will beat France, Netherlands, Brazil, and Spain en route to winning the Jules Rimet trophy, giving Lionel Messihis long-awaited prize.

    After the final on December 19, we’ll look back and evaluate how well or poorly our forecasts faired.