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Know more about the Round of 16 predictions, the World cup team structure, which teams are qualified, and predictions on who will be in the world cup 2022 Qatar.

Round of 16 predictions for FIFA World Cup 2022

Round of 16 predictions

The World Cup group stage is notorious for upsets, but the playoff stage is where the world’s best teams assert dominance.

With only 16 teams left when knockout play begins on December 3, this is where heroes emerge & champions. Defenders of the title France is still alive and ready to defend its crown.

What is the structure of the FIFA World Cup 2022?

The 32 teams have been segregated into 8 groups of four countries each. The top 2 finishers in each group advance to the knockout rounds.

After that, the competition moves on to a round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, and the final.

Qatar is hosting the tournament from November 20 to December 18.

Round of 16 predictions

1. Prediction: Netherlands 1-1 USA

The United States had only made it to the World Cup quarterfinals once, in 2002, when it defeated Mexico. As a result, they have never won over a non-CONCACAF opponent in the World Cup knockout stage.

The United States has yet to concede an open-play goal in the tournament & the Netherlands looked shaky over both Senegal & Ecuador, who used high surges of energy to keep the Dutch on their heels. However, in the group stage, young Cody Gakpo stepped up with three goals to help compensate for Memphis Depay’s loss of fitness.

Avoiding a favorite like France, Spain, Argentina, or Brazil is essential for the USMNT, and they should fight hard in this one, possibly earning a draw & sending it to penalties. However, experience on the Dutch side will see them win by a narrow margin.

2. Prediction: Argentina vs Australia`

While Australia will consider themselves as brave underdogs capable of causing an upset, they suffered a brutal defeat by France in the group stage & are unlikely to score against a very defensively sound Albiceleste side.

Meanwhile, Argentina scored two goals over a bunkered Poland in the group stage & could have had more, so it’s reasonable to expect them to thrash Australia here. Australians can be proud of their performance in this tournament regardless of the outcome. In contrast, anything less than a resounding win for Argentina will mean they have missed short of expectations.

3. Prediction: England vs Senegal 2-0

While 2018 Golden Boot award winner Harry Kane has yet to arrive in this year’s tournament fully, England has far too much firepower for Senegal to handle. The Three Lions drew 0-0 with the United States, but their combination of attacking play and defensive structure has made them genuine tournament contenders through group-stage space.

Senegal was impressive against a tenacious Ecuadorian side, but their inability to convert a slew of chances and occasional defensive leakiness will see them eliminated in the Round of 16.

4. Prediction: France 2-0 Poland

Poland had no desire to score goals throughout the group stage, and even their 2-0 win over Saudi Arabia felt jittery. They were putrid, battered & bruised throughout the 90 minutes against Argentina in the group stage finale and had to resort to protecting their goal differential late. Even so, they were only able to keep Argentina off the board.

There is no evidence that Poland can compete with France in three group-stage matches, even after Les Bleus lost to Tunisia with their B-team on the field. Nevertheless, the champions should cruise to victory with France’s stars back in action.

5. Prediction: Japan 2-0 Croatia

Croatia suffered a thrashing by Belgium and was extremely fortunate not to concede and crash out.

While Japan must improve in the first half after chasing the ball around the pitch in all three games, they have the talent to surprise big European sides like Germany and Spain.

The confidence in this Japan team is high, and it’s difficult to see them miss short here against a Croatia team that has been disappointing in both games against non-Canadian opponents.

6. Prediction: Morocco 1-1 Spain

While their big win over Costa Rica helped them backdoor into the knockout stage, we saw more of what I expected from Spain against Germany and Japan. However, this young and inexperienced team makes mistakes and needs to finish more chances to put teams away.

Morocco demonstrated against Croatia in their group stage opener that they can compete while giving up a lot of possession, which they will have to do against Spain.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar: Who will win?

Brazil is the top pick to win the 2022 World Cup, and this has risen significantly over the last seven days. However, it is essential to note that Brazil has a mixed record against most European countries. Spain’s possibility of winning the World cup has also risen, while France’s has been steady.