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Know more about the slowest ball in cricket history, whose ball showed how to deceive the batters with different variations & who is the legends read in detail.

The slowest balls in cricket history get rumored to trick the batsman. After a prolonged period of playing faster balls, a batsman may often miss the slower ball and play for the faster one. They are accustomed to fastballs, so they are always prepared for a faster one.

As a result, they will misjudge when a slower ball has been bowled. These ten slower balls were the ones that tricked the batters and got them out. These top 10 slowest balls in cricket history are the greatest ones that claimed wickets, even if many other far slower balls bowled in cricket.

List of Slowest Bowlers in Cricket History

Chris Cairns
Aaqib Javed
Shoaib Akhtar
Steve Harmison
Simon O’Donnell
Jasprit Bumrah
Brett Lee

Curtley Ambrose
Shane Bond

Lasith Malinga

Who Have Bowled The Slowest Ball In Cricket History?

#1. Chris Cairns

Match: England vs New Zealand

Year: 1999

The best slowest ball in cricket history is Chris Cairns‘ at No. 1 for New Zealand. This occurred in a 1999 test series between England and New Zealand. Although the batsman could block the ball, it struck the stumps and ended his innings. While awaiting a faster ball, this one was misleading and unusable.

#2. Aaqib Javed

Match: Pakistan vs New Zealand

Year: 1992

Pakistani pacer and slowest ball in cricket history, bowler Aaqib Javed. This bowler is not much famous as other Pakistani players, but his achievement in bowling and slowest ball techniques had an excessive fan base. This was one of the most incredible slow balls in cricket, where the ball turned and hit the stumps by the devious batsman. This was in a match between Pakistan & New Zealand in 1992.

#3. Shoaib Akhtar

Match: Pakistan vs England

Year: 2005

The cricketing legend and extreme fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar created the slowest ball in cricket history. He single-handedly seized his team Pakistan to a victory in many games. The world knows what the best player he is.

This was in a test series between Pakistan and England in 2005. The batsman cut down for the slower ball and lost his wicket by Leg before the wicket (LBW.)

#4. Steve Harmison

Match: Australia vs England

Year: 2005

The English slowest bowler Steve Harmison. This ball was one of the most lavish balls of the player. He had a massive yearning for slower balls, and his slowest balls came at an unforeseen bowling time.

Batters fall for his trick. This was in an Ashes test series between Australia and England in 2005.

#5. Simon O’Donnell

Match: Australia vs New Zealand

Year: 1990

The Australian legendary slowest bowler Simon O’Donnell. He was a fable of the game during his time. He was the leading supporter of the Australian bowling squad in the late 90s.

This bowler had great techniques for bowling the slowest ball. This was in an ODI match between Australia and New Zealand in 1990.

#6. Jasprit Bumrah

Match: India vs Australia

Year: 2018

The Indian fast bowler and current best pace bowler in the world are Jasprit Bumrah. However, Bumrah performs on a different level regarding testing matches.

Most of his outstanding performance and wicket-taking deliveries are from the test series. This was in a test series between India and Australia in 2018. Therefore, the batsman needed to learn to succeed with that slowest ball.

#7. Brett Lee

Match: Australia vs England

Year: 2005

Australian fast bowler who dominated the sport of cricket. With his incredible skills and spirit, Brett Lee triumphed on his own in several contests. This occurred in a 2005 test series between Australia and England. In the early 2000s, he dominated the matches with his great tactics and maneuvers.

#8. Curtley Ambrose

Match: Australia vs West Indies

Year: 1993

Curtley Ambrose, a former speed bowler for the West Indies. His height was a huge advantage, as he intimidated the batsman with his fearsome bowling motions. This occurred in a 1993 game between Australia and the West Indies. The batsman was furious that a slower delivery like that cost him his wicket.

#9. Shane Bond

Match: Australia vs New Zealand

Year: 2007

The New Zealand pace bowler Shane Bond was a bowler who used his exceptional slow balls and precision to fool the batsman with his strategy. This occurred in 2007 during an ODI game between Australia and New Zealand. This slow ball tricked the Australian batter.

#10. Lasith Malinga

Match: Sri Lanka vs Australia

Year: 2015

Lasith Malinga will be remembered as one of the off-best cutters. He could throw the ball at a speed of over 150 km/h. This increased the effectiveness of his slower ball, particularly in the final overs when the batsmen anticipated him to bowl at a blistering pace.

He gained the nickname “Slinga Malinga” for his slingshot action, which made him extra harder to read. He has taken the most wickets in T20I history, demonstrating the potency of his slower yorkers at the end of innings.