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The Tata IPL 2023 live streaming will provide 4K video and multi-camera angles thanks to JIO 5G. As part of the upcoming Indian Premier League season, Viacom18 will provide viewers with extraordinary interactive features as they watch the matches.

Tata IPL 2023 | JIO 5G Live Streaming | JIO 5G has guaranteed 4K video and multiple camera angles for the TATA IPL 2023. An intriguing development surrounding the forthcoming Indian Premier League season is that Viacom18 will offer viewers exceptional interactive options while they watch the matches.

A Reliance-backed live streaming service called Viacom 18 has promised to improve the IPL viewing experience in the upcoming season significantly.

A glimpse of 2022 TATA IPL | Winner: Gujarat Titans

Live Streaming of TATA IPL 2023 by Reliance JIO 5G

At the 45th Reliance Industries AGM, Viacom18 pledges to broadcast interactive 4K Indian Premier League matches using Jio 5G.

  • With Viacom18 now holding digital rights to the IPL, the live streaming quality will improve significantly with Reliance JIO 5G
  • The quality of live Streaming is set to radically improve as a result of Viacom18 getting the digital rights to the IPL. The IPL 2023 games will be webcast live in 4K or ultra-high resolution for the first time in Indian sports history. Moreover, Viacom18 will be able to stream the game from different camera angles thanks to Jio 5G, which will be introduced on Diwali.
  • The owner of the Mumbai Indians and Chairman of Reliance Jio, Akash Ambani, announced that Reliance Industries will live stream the IPL 2023 matches. This Streaming implies that viewers can choose a particular camera angle and watch the game or a specific shot throughout the live stream.

โ€œBecause of the gigabit speed of JioAir Fiber, we can now deliver not only one video stream but multiple video streams showing multiple camera angles at the same time live. That too in ultra-high-definition (4K). We can dynamically choose which camera angle we want to focus on while having a preview of multiple live video streams simultaneously. It makes all the sports truly immersive,โ€

Akash Ambani said at RIL AGM on Monday.

Frequently Asked Questions | Reliance JIO 5G | TATA IPL 2023

Q1. When will India get Jio 5G?

During Diwali in October, Jio 5G or JioAir Fiber will debut in India. JioAir Fiber will initially be available in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai. There will be a gradual addition of more cities following that.

Q2. What is JioAir Fiber?

JioAir Fiber or Jio 5G, is the fifth generation mobile or wireless network standard known by its fancy name. Up to or even more than 1GBPS wireless internet speed is promised by 5G technology in some circumstances. That implies that a wired connection would not be necessary.

High-speed internet connectivity enables 5G-capable devices to broadcast multiple videos simultaneously. The low latency or wait time also dramatically reduces compared to 4G.

JioAir Fiber devices from Reliance Jio have also been released, and they are 5G equipped. They can wirelessly connect to 5G networks and serve as home-device routers.

Q3. How would it benefit the live Streaming of the 2023 IPL?

These will be the benefits of the Jio 5G in Tata IPL 2023

  • Standard Definition (480p) and High Definition have been used so far for sports broadcasting and Streaming (720p, 1080p).
  • Viacom18 aims to change that through Jio 5G
  • Sports events will be broadcast live in 4K for the first time in India (Ultra-High-Definition).
  • Mobile devices, 4K TVs, tablets, or screens with that quality are all capable of streaming live sports in 4K.
  • The present generation of wireless networks also blocked high bandwidth data transfer.
  • That indicates that the speed was capped at 100MBPS.
  • The speed will exceed 1GBPS with 5G. It will facilitate quick data transmission and the simultaneous Streaming of several videos.
  • Since Viacom18 owns the digital rights to the IPL 2023โ€“2027, it will provide simultaneous multi-camera live Streaming over 5G technology.
  • Live streaming viewers have the option of selecting a particular shot angle.
  • One may also host an IPL 2023 watch party using JioFiber’s functionality.
  • BT Sport now offers live broadcasts and 4K live streaming of Premier League games.
  • Fox Sports Network in the US broadcasts and streams all live sporting events in real time.

Q4. What are the Viacom18 Sports properties?

  • Indian Premier League
  • FIFA World Cup 2022
  • NBA
  • BWF World Tour
  • ATP Masters 1000
  • Abu Dhabi T10
  • Diamond League
  • La Liga
  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1