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Narendra Modi | One hundred twenty-six athletes and seventy-five officials compete in the Tokyo Olympics. Here, we decode the game-changing steps the Narendra Modi administration took to help the sports industry thrive.

By PV Sindhu

Tokyo 2020 was India’s most successful Olympics, and I earned a medal for my country. So when we returned home, the Indian contingent was ecstatic. We met Prime Minister Narendra Modi before departing for Tokyo. He inspired us to do our best. Consequently, we were looking forward to meeting the Prime Minister again when we returned home, and athletes will soon visit his Lok Kalyan Marg.

The Union Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports is critical in promoting sports in India. The Sports Authority of India (SAI), which works alongside the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, is credited with advancing sports and games in India. The authority develops and implements various changes and schemes to assist the Sports Department.

The Government believes that people should incorporate sports and wellness-related activities into their daily routines to live a better and healthier life. Therefore, on numerous occasions, PM Narendra Modi has encouraged people to value sports and games in their daily lives.

We had a fascinating conversation with Modi Ji and shared our experiences with him. Modi Ji congratulated all of us and urged us to work harder in the future.

He shared the Government’s sports roadmap and called for collaboration to make India a sports powerhouse. He asked us to assist young and emerging athletes in grooming themselves and sharing our experience and expertise.

However, I had something else in store for me. After the meeting, Prime Minister Modi approached me and offered me my favourite ice cream while we were enjoying a light meal. During our trip to Tokyo, he promised to follow his commitment.

So, I vowed to bring ice cream if I won a Tokyo Olympics medal. My memories of that moment will last a lifetime.

Who can forget Prime Minister Modi’s words of comfort to the Indian women’s hockey team after they were denied a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics? Modi Ji praised his team’s outstanding performance and encouraged all his players.

Women’s cricket in India When Mitaliraj, her team’s captain, retired after great success in international and domestic cricket, Prime Minister Modi wrote to her, recognizing her contribution to Indian cricket and sport and thanking her for making India proud.

He also encouraged young people to be inspired by Mitaliraj’s life. PM Modi’s personal touch on athletes can see in these instances.

I’ve had several interactions with Prime Minister Modi. When I won a tournament or a medal, he would always call or come to see me. All of this inspires and motivates me to do well for my country.

He has always encouraged all athletes to give their all, regardless of the outcome. His development efforts and exceptional attention to the needs of athletes have made a significant difference in India’s performance at global events.

Prime Minister Modi’s vision, as well as the mission mode in which his Government is working to promote sport and support athletes, are reflected in his one-of-a-kind schemes and programs.

The ‘Targeted Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS), for example, was introduced in 2015 as a ground-breaking scheme to ensure that ‘core groups of athletes’ receive all the individualized support they require while competing abroad.

For example, exposure, hiring specific coaches, training, and competing in international competitions. TOPS is committed to the results that today’s athletes are producing by supporting a ‘development group’ of young athletes training for the Olympics in 2024 and 2028, as well as a ‘core group’ of athletes and sportspeople like myself.

This matter has received a great deal of media attention. It’s resulted in numerous sporting accomplishments, including India’s best-ever Olympic and Paralympic performance in 2020 and Thomas’ first cup win in 73 years.

Athletes now have access to all necessary facilities, which the Government seamlessly extends through the Government of India Sports Authority. This ongoing support allows athletes to focus on their game rather than worrying about funding their training.

Most of us now receive government funding to train in the best facilities in India and abroad. As a result, the training process is easy. You will not have to look for the appropriate coach, sports science support, or specialized training equipment.

Most countries do not provide athletes with this type of assistance. The constant involvement of the Government with athletes, from the grassroots level of Khelo India to the elite athletes of TOPS, is the significant change I have seen as an athlete in the last few years. It’s the key to India’s success.

We are confident that India will continue to excel in sports and emerge as a global superpower at major international sporting events as a result of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s innovative initiatives.

Fit India Campaign

Prime Minister Modi unveiled the plan on National Sports Day 2019 at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in New Delhi on August 29.

With the launch of the Khelo India Scheme in 2016, three previous schemes have consolidated: the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Abhiyan (RGKA), the Urban Sports Infrastructure Scheme (USIS), and the National Sports Talent Search Scheme (NSTS).

This program aimed to increase youth participation in annual sports games and competitions. Khelo India (National Program for Sports Development Scheme) aims to achieve mass participation and the advancement of greatness in sports. The plan seeks to promote “Sports for All” and “Sports for Excellence.”

The plan was updated in 2017 to mainstream sports as a tool for individual and community development, economic development, and national development.

Sports Talent Search Website

In August 2017, Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu launched the Sports Talent Search Portal to identify the best talent among India’s youth. Young people can upload their accomplishments to the portal—Invited Shortlisted candidates to trials and qualified candidates to participate in Sports Authority of India schemes.

A high-level committee will address complaints and issues raised by female athletes.

As part of International Women’s Day celebrations, the Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports formed a committee chairmanship by AS and FA to address and resolve complaints and grievances of female athletes.

Sports Steering Committee with Authority

After the Olympic Task Force recommended the formation of the Empowered Steering Committee (ESC) in January 2017, the Committee is responsible for developing a comprehensive action plan to ensure India’s strong participation in the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021, Paris in 2024, and Beijing in 2028. (Los Angeles).

PV Sindhu expressed, ” Modi Ji frequently discusses sports and athletes on the popular show Mann Ki Baat. He has not only warned them that there are no shortcuts to success, but he has also inspired them: He tells us that losing does not mean giving up hope, and winning does not mean giving up focus.

I’m telling you that Prime Minister Modi’s motivations, the Government’s on-the-ground and policy initiatives, and the transparency of India’s sports administration all point to a bright future for Indian sports. Our journey to a bright sporting future is just getting started.”

National Sports Awards Program

The Government consistently recognizes and respects sports personalities with the Arjuna Awards, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, Dhyanchand Awards, and Dronacharya Awards for their achievements and commitments as athletes and coaches.

Scheme for Sports and Games for People with Disabilities

Under this plan, differently-abled athletes are trained in their field to conduct sports competitions and assist schools and institutes that have differently-abled athletes.

Olympic Targeting Plan

The Sports Ministry launched the ‘Target Olympic Podium (TOP)’ Scheme in May 2015 as part of the National Sports Development Fund (NSDF) to assist potential medalists for the Olympic Games in 2016 and 2020.

The primary sports at the main centre are athletics, badminton, boxing, archery, wrestling, and shooting.

Modi Ji strikes me as a competent sports administrator. His passion and vision for Indian sport were evident when, as Chief Minister of Gujarat, he organized the state’s first Khel Mahakumbh. As Prime Minister, he devised another novel program, which sought out young athletes from India’s villages and small towns.

The Narendra Modi regime established several Kero India Kendras to groom future talent. The new Ministry of Sports establishment in 2020 reflects his love of sports and his determination to make India a sports superpower.

Sports are no longer limited to tournaments and events. The holistic approach to sport taken by the Narendra Modi government is about to change how India views sports and games.

For example, Manipur becomes home to India’s first national sports college. The massive fund for a significant step in this direction.

Similarly, in Uttar Pradesh, Major Dhyan Chand Sports College is being built for higher education in sports. In addition, the Government of Narendra Modi has announced the National Air Sport Policy, another critical initiative to help our sport grow.

The Modi government has done much to promote and encourage sports in India. PM Modi himself is a model of fitness and someone who encourages fellow citizens to live a healthy lifestyle.

However, there is no debate about what more the Government could have done to encourage maximum citizen participation in sports.

Modi, who hosted the contingent at his residence, stated that the athletes come from different states and cultures and play different sports, but they are united by their love for the country and pride in the ‘Tiranga.’