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Who is the top goal scorer in El Clásico of all time – Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? The El Clásico is the biggest football match in the world without any doubt

Due to its high stakes, today’s El Clasico promises to be the most crucial game of the season. So naturally, we ranked the top 5 league goal scorers based on this historic match.

The two top teams in Spain had an intense match that has historically produced many unforgettable matches. Numerous elite players represented their respective clubs in the El Clasico 2022.

We examine who ranks where in terms of the highest goals scored in El Clasico’s history of the game. El Clasico has seen many outstanding players who have set records & scored goals in this rivalry and Legends El Classico 2022

But El Clasico has lost some of its appeals since Cristiano Ronaldo left for greener pastures and Lionel Messi left his old team this summer.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona is the main rivalry in El Clasico all the time. Barcelona is in first place in the La Liga standings with 37 points, while Madrid is 2nd with 35 points after 14 games in 2022.

Any match between Real Madrid vs Barcelona is usually the peak of the football rivalry in La Liga, despite the generally lackluster mood surrounding the game this time. We examine the 5 greatest goal scorers in the lengthy and illustrious history of the contest.

Top 5 Highest Goal Scorers In El Clasico History Till 2022

Lionel Messi – 26 goals | El Classico Legend

The LegendsLionel Messi of El Classico Lionel Messi must be the only player in Spanish history to have scored the most goals in this contentious game. However, players are likely to stay within the 7 times Ballon d’Or winner’s & El Clasico record, who also has the most hat-tricks.

Lionel Messi registered his name in El Clasico’s history, leading the list with a record-breaking 26 goals over Real Madrid, and 18 goals in La Liga.

Although the 35-year-old no longer represents Barcelona, he will continue to lead the league in goals scored for many years until a great player surpasses him.

Messi was delighted with his goals against Madrid. During his time in Barcelona, the Argentine maestro scored 26 goals in El Clasicos. Two in the Champions League and 18 of his 26 goals came in La Liga.

The Paris Saint-Germain great played Madrid 45 times, taking 19 victories, dropping 15 matches, and tying 11.

Messi also had two hat tricks in this match, which is a match record. Jaime Lazcano and Puskas are the other two players who have recorded as many hat-tricks.

Alfredo Di Stefano – 18 goals

The famous Di Stefano surpassed all odds while playing against Barcelona’s opponents during his playing career. Throughout El Clasico games, he was consistently the star of the show and scored an incredible 18 goals.

The guy who nearly signed with Barcelona admitted it was a mistake to let him go after he helped Real Madrid win six European Championships.

Real Madrid’s Alfredo Di Stefano one of the legends El Classico and held the title for the top number of goals scored in El Clasico history with 18 before Lionel Messi surpassed him in 2014.

Di Stefano scored two goals in the Copa del Rey and European competitions, but 14 of his goals came in La Liga.

El Clasico Di Stefano still maintains the distinction of being the earliest player to score in an El Clasico when he did so on December 15, 1963, at 37 years and 164 days. On the other hand, Messi and Ronaldo have nearly all of their previous records for the match shattered.

Cristiano Ronaldo – 18 goals | El Classico Legend

One of the legends El Classico Ronaldo became one of Real Madrid’s best goal-scorers because he was the only player capable of succeeding Alfredo Di Stefano. For Real Madrid, Ronaldo was a predator who scored practically constantly.

He has outperformed Stefano as the team’s leading goal scorer and, with 18 goals, ranks third among all scorers and created a record in El Clasico’s history

When he was at Real Madrid, Ronaldo was at the top of his game, captaining the team to four Champions League victories and becoming the club’s all-time greatest scorer in all competitions.

In 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo relocated from Manchester United to Real Madrid. He and Lionel Messi then elevated El Clasico’s rivalry to a new level.

Ronaldo scored nine of 18 goals against Barcelona in La Liga during his nine years in Spain career.

After scoring seven goals in six straight games during the 2011–12 and 2012–13 seasons, Ronaldo still holds the El Clasico history record for most consecutive games with multiple goals.

Raul Gonzalez – 15 goals

Raul Gonzalez, a former captain, and talisman for Real Madrid is one of the team’s best players at any time. The Spanish striker had a unique talent for scoring goals against the most prominent opponents of his club.

In 37 El Clasicos, while playing for Real Madrid, Raul scored 15 goals against Barcelona.

Raul made his debut in the storied match in 1995 when Madrid thrashed Barcelona 5-0. His final game ended in a 2-0 loss in April 2010.

Another renowned player who contributed significantly to Real Madrid’s development was Raul. He scored goals for Real regularly. He is the fourth-highest scorer in El Clasico history with 15 goals.

Along with other illustrious players, he was a key component of the Bernabeu squad that dominated European football in the 1990s and the early 2000s.

Cesar Rodriguez: 14 Goals

One of the legends El Classico, and the best player in Real Madrid’s past, has a great deal of respect. He led the club through its decline and restored its proficiency.

He is the seventh most prolific player in El Clasicos with 14 goals. He played as a winger for the team, helping them to six European championships.

Graduate of la Masia, the Barcelona forward became one of the team’s most admired center forwards of his generation. In more than 300 career appearances, he scored 256 goals, including 14 goals against Real Madrid.