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Tottenham vs Sporting Highlights 2022: Harry Kane missed last-minute goal against Sporting that would have advanced Spurs to the round of 16 in the UEFA Champions League. VAR disallowed Kane’s goal for offside as Antonio Conte replaced him; After Marcus Edwards, an ex-Spurs player, scored the first goal, Rodrigo Bentancur equalized.

Tottenham vs Sporting Highlights 2022 1

Harry Kane | Tottenham vs Sporting Highlights

Tottenham vs Sporting Highlights | UEFA Champions League

Until Wednesday, when Harry Kane’s injury-time goal stood, Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur’s late header against Sporting CP kept the London club in control of their Champions League Group D destiny.

Sporting had taken the lead in the 22nd minute, a well-hit shot from former Tottenham Hotspur star Marcus Edwards, and the visitors were fending off intense pressure from the home team.

Marcus Edward, a former Tottenham attacker, scored in the first half, but Rodrigo Bentancur of Spurs responded late to even the score.

Tottenham now sits atop Group D, but Conte’s team must draw in Marseille on Tuesday to advance, endangering Tottenham’s hopes of reaching the Champions League final 16.

Flavio Nazinho, a Sporting substitute, also missed two excellent opportunities to secure the victory, and those mistakes seemed even more crucial after Tottenham equalized in the 80th minute.

Bentancur climbed highest to emphatically head a corner beyond Antonio Adan after Ivan Perisic provided it.

As Kane struck with almost the last kick of the game, Spurs thought they had won with a game to spare.

Following a thorough VAR review, his attempt was overturned for offside in the build-up.

Then, following a complete VAR review, Harry Kane’s incredible last-second winner against Sporting Lisbon, which would have advanced Tottenham into the Champions League round of 16-failed for offside.

After Kane headed in Emerson Royal’s header to score, there were raucous celebrations.

VAR determined that the England captain was offside, leading in a 1-1 tie, and Spurs coach Antonio Conte dismissed his complaints.

With eight points, Tottenham currently leads a tensely contested group, followed by Sporting and Eintracht Frankfurt, which defeated Marseille 2-1. Six people make up Marseille.

If Spurs win in Marseille the following week and Sporting loses to Frankfurt, Spurs will advance to the knockout round.

How Spurs Missed A Chance To Reach The Last 16 | Tottenham vs Sporting

Tottenham entered the contest specific that a victory would have guaranteed them a spot in the knockout rounds, but they got off to a poor start as Edwards reappeared to haunt them.

In the first half, the Englishman played a neat one-two with Paulinho. He shot into the bottom corner from about 25 yards out, despite only making one senior appearance during his 13 years at Spurs, which ended in September 2019.

Like Sunday’s 2-1 loss to Newcastle, Conte’s team suffered at halftime for failing to create meaningful chances.

Tottenham improved in the second half, but Bentancur’s header of Ivan Perisic’s corner only brought the score even with 10 minutes remaining.

Bentancur then missed a chance in stoppage time, while Eric Dier missed two late opportunities to score a winner against his former team.

But with the game’s final kick, Kane seemed to have won it for Spurs spectacularly.

A thorough VAR review disallowed him, sending Conte into a fit on the sidelines and earning the Italian a red card.

Tottenham, who has a dismal previous record on the road in Europe, must get at least a draw when they visit Marseille next week to advance.

But with the game’s final kick, Kane seemed to have given Spurs the victory, only for a thorough VAR review to overturn that and drive Conte into a rage on the sidelines.

As a result, the Italians received a red card.

Tottenham, who has struggled on the road in previous years, must now visit Marseille & get at least a draw to advance to the round of 16.

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‘It creates big damage’ | Conte’s Post-Match Press Conference

The news conference following the game with Antonio Conte lasted just over three minutes. Here it is in full:

“After everyone had entered the field, the referee decided to dismiss me.”

“There are times you can see that you just denied a legitimate goal because the ball was in front of Kane.”

“You are aware that I don’t comment on the decision made by the referee, but we haven’t been as fortunate with the VAR this season in the Premier League and the Champions League.”

“It causes significant harm. I want to see if the VAR is brave enough to make this decision, which is unfair because the ball is in front of Kane when a top team is playing a crucial game.”

“I apologize, but this situation sometimes seems acceptable, but it’s not good because I don’t see honesty in this kind of circumstance, and when I don’t see this, I get unhappy.”

“We played the first half of the game poorly, and Sporting Lisbon deserved to maintain its 1-0 lead. We deserved to receive three points at the end of the contest after our second half. we must wait until after the last game against Marseille before making this choice.”

“I reiterate: This choice causes significant harm. If the club doesn’t comprehend this and addresses the appropriate parties when necessary, the manager will be the only one speaking.”

“The club must be strong because the damage caused by this circumstance is enormous. We are still determining what will occur next week, so I want to watch if we go out.”

Tottenham Hotspur vs Sporting Lisbon Starting XI

Tottenham XI

Lloris; Doherty, Romero, Dier, Davies, Perisic; Bentancur, Hojbjerg; Lucas, Son, Kane

Sporting Lisbon XI

Adan; Inacio, Coates, Reis; Porro, Ugarte, Morita, Santos; Trincao, Edwards, Paulinho

Upcoming News about Tottenham vs Sporting?

On Saturday at 3 p.m., Tottenham plays host to Bournemouth in the Premier League. Then, they travel to Marseille on Tuesday for their final Champions League group-stage meeting.

After hosting Eintracht Frankfurt in the Champions League on Tuesday, Sporting Lisbon will play Arouca in the Primeira Liga on Saturday.

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