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Sunil Gavaskar says the 'other persons' who didn't contact Virat Kohli should have been 'named'.

After India lost to Pakistan by five wickets in the Super 4 Stage of the 2022 Asia Cup on Sunday, Virat Kohli once again shocked the cricket world with a fiery news conference on September 4.

Mohammad Rizwan‘s innings of 71, which helped Pakistan beat the 182-run mark with one ball remaining, overshadowed Kohli’s knock of 60, which was India’s highest score in the critical match against their arch-rivals.

After the game, Kohli spoke to the media and made a remark that went viral on social media when discussing the team’s performance.

Only former captain MS Dhoni, among those who know his contact information, made an effort to approach Kohli when he stepped down as Test captain, according to Kohli.

Gavaskar Reacted To Virat Kohli's Statement

At the post-game news conference after India’s defeat by Pakistan, Kohli remarked,

“I can say one thing that when I announced my resignation from Test captaincy, I got message from only one person with whom I player earlier, that is MS Dhoni.

Many people have my number…many people give suggestions on TV…but the people who had my number, nobody messaged. The respect, the connection that you have with somebody, when that is genuine, it shows this way,”

Sunil Gavaskar, a former captain of India and renowned batter, responded to Kohli’s remarks by criticizing the 33-year-old and asserting that the chapter ended when he stepped down as captain.

Gavaskar was baffled by Virat’s words, remarking that if he had gathered names, it would have been simple to contact those folks and ask them, “Why didn’t you text him?”

In a discussion on India Today, Gavaskar said,

“I don’t know what the dressing room inside situation was with all these other players. Ideally, if he has named one person who got in touch, then maybe the other persons who didn’t get in touch should have also been named. That would have been a little bit fair to everybody concerned, rather than thinking that everybody else didn’t get in touch with him”

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Sunil Gavaskar added the following on Sports Tak,

“What message did he intend to send?” he wondered. “Encouragement? But he’s done with captaincy, so why would he need motivation? That chapter (captaincy) is now complete.”

“You are now solely playing cricket. So concentrate on that position because as captain, you think about and concern for your teammates. When your captaincy is done, it’s time to concentrate on your individual game “declared the renowned opener.

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As a captain, he (Sunil Gavaskar) felt the best part was being able to focus solely on his game after leaving the position.

Many people believed Kohli was making a jab at Gavaskar when he said past players should approach him one-on-one for assistance rather than giving him advice on TV.

Despite the fact that he did not fail to mention it, when he retired from leadership in 1985, after winning the Benson & Hedges World Championship of Cricket in Australia, he received no special letters or calls.

“I quit leadership in 1985, following the (B&H) World Championship of Cricket.” That night, we celebrated and hugged each other, but what more do you expect?”

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